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Digital Auditor

The Digital Auditor is to communicate organizational needs, oversee employee performance, provide guidance, support, identify development needs, and manage the interrelationship between staff and the organization so that each can be successful.


Consultancy, digital activities, examination of real and digital environment, information gathering and guidance during the Digital Auditor audit phase…


The Digital Auditor is responsible for identifying and assessing risks of material misstatement due to audit, error or fraud, thereby profiting the business.


The main purpose of the Digital Auditor audit is to express an opinion and present strategies according to the reports arising from the results of digital activities.

Digital Auditor and Auditing

Services of the Digital Auditor

digital auditor; Risk assessment procedures are carried out in order to provide a basis for the assessment of risks of material misstatement on business objectives and audit claims, and to identify factors such as error-fraud.

Digital Auditor's Audit Benefits Your Business

What Does a Digital Auditor Do?

The services of the digital auditor are intended to familiarize yourself with the entity and its environment, including the entity’s internal control. For risk assessment procedures, analytical procedures, observation and audit procedures are applied and interviews are held with appropriate management levels.

Application of Analytical Procedures

Implementation of analytical procedures to reach a conclusion on the entirety of digital activities

Evaluation of Audit Evidence

Evaluation of audit evidence gathered and checks against evaluations

Evaluation of Errors

Evaluation of detected errors, including those that have not been implemented

Availability of Digital Tables and Reports

Evaluate whether it has been prepared in accordance with the digital reporting framework

Implementation of Audit Procedures

Implementation of audit procedures regarding events after the digital activity result form

Implementation of Required Procedures

Performing necessary procedures on comparison of results over close samples

Declaration of Results

Obtaining, reporting and sharing the statements regarding the results of the digital audit independent from the management

İş Hacminizi Öğrenmek İster Misiniz?

Digital Auditor Thinks About Your Business

Digital Auditor
How to Manage the Process

In the audit process, the Digital Auditor operates in the form of examining the business, digital activities, real and digital environment, collecting information, identifying and evaluating audit risks, collecting evidence on digital activities, determining and implementing procedures, evaluating and reporting digital and audit results.

Claims and Risks

Assessment of assertions and corresponding risks, digital risks

Evaluation and Conclusion

Gathering evidence, assessing inaccuracies, performing procedures, and conclusions

Reporting and Communication

Communicates with management, corporate governance officers and other relevant parties.

Efficiency Realizes with a Digital Auditor

Digital Auditor for Efficiency and Continuity

As a Digital Auditor, our audit services make the activities that your business continues or will start efficient and sustainable.


Digital auditing is about communicating organizational needs, overseeing employee performance, providing guidance, providing support, identifying development needs, and managing the interrelationship between staff and the organization so that each can be successful.

The main purpose of the digital audit is to identify and evaluate the risks of material misstatement due to error or fraud, by knowing the business and its environment, including the internal control of the audited enterprise, in order to express an opinion according to the reports arising from the results of digital activities, and thus to address the risks considered as the risk of material misstatement. It is to provide a basis for the design and implementation of counter-offices.

The summary of the 3 main stages of digital auditing is as follows:

Analyzing the business, digital activities, real and digital environment, collecting information and determining and evaluating audit risks
Gathering digital evidence, setting and implementing procedures
Evaluation and reporting of digital and audit results

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