Diji Andante – Digital Media and Marketing Plan / Package

Diji Andante (Diji AndaNnte); recognition made in digital channels and it is the package in which conversion efforts are planned to be slightly faster than slow.

Adapte Dijital, the digital consultant of your business / brand, has planned for those who want to move forward with a cautious budget. Examine Diji Andante in more detail, which resembles a slightly moving music tempo.

You can go down to review its features or feel free to call us for any questions.

  • Diji Andante Package

    Diji Andante - Digital Media and Marketing Plan / Package

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      Diji Andante Package

      Diji Andante - Digital Media and Marketing Plan / Package

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      Diji Andante, Digital Media and Marketing it has been planned in such a way that you will get some quick conversions. It is suitable for advancing your awareness and traffic increase efforts with a prudent budget.

      What is Diji Andante?

      Diji Andante in digital media and marketing channels / platforms brand awareness is planned to increase traffic and get heavy returns. It is for those who aim to grow with heavy conversions.

      Diji Andante Digital Media and Marketing Work What is the Package Contents?

      Diji Andante; Content Management and Paid Media channels it uses the Andante package.

      It is reported monthly and a data audience list is made. Diji Andante, content research with the work of Iyon Andante starts from the process.

      Paid Media; resources such as Google Transactions and Google Ads provides conversions using.

      What is Andante?

      Andante (semi-slow) means that a musical work or artwork is It is a universally accepted music term that indicates that the part will be played at a pace between adacyo and andantino. Andante: It means heavily, close to heavy in Italian. According to Metronome, the unit is beats from 76 to 108 per minute.

      Why did we name our planned package “Andante”?

      Tempo is important. Adapte Dijital, online or other planned work or marketing efforts made through digital channels are positions focused on speed and performance. The work done in each package plan is in a similar framework, but the speed and density are different.

      Content Management

      Ion Andante Work Plan is applied

      Paid Media

      The Ume Andante Study Plan is implemented

      Data and Audience Management

      Simple monthly reporting and audience management


      1 Month, 4 Months, 8 Months, 12 Months

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