Diji Moderato – Digital Media and Marketing Plan / Package

Diji Moderato (Diji Moderatov); made in digital channels it is a work that is planned in a way that the work will take transformations at medium speed. Medium speed conversions will be the basis for fast conversions.

Your digital transformations are at a moderate pace and Check out the details about Diji Moderato, which he will progress.

By browsing the long description part of Diji Moderato you can find out what you wonder about, and you can call us immediately if you have any questions.

  • Digital media package

    Diji Moderato - Digital Media and Marketing Plan / Package

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      Digital media package

      Diji Moderato - Digital Media and Marketing Plan / Package

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      From digital channels (Google Ads, Social Media) at medium speed it is planning to lay the foundation for fast conversions by taking conversions. Medium-speed conversions are achieved by enriching your content with digital awareness and working with a customer-oriented approach.

      What is Diji Moderato?

      Diji Moderato is a Digital Media and Marketing work with medium speed conversions. Diji Moderato, where you will show improvements by achieving medium speed conversions; Content Management uses Paid Media channels.

      What is the Content of the Diji Moderato Digital Media and Marketing Work Pack?

      Using digital media tools and marketing channels Diji Moderato takes returns at medium speed. Awareness is important in the work package, it adds speed to your brand / business by getting traffic. Channels such as Google Ads and Social Media accounts are used. Dij Moderato; conversion of content by analyzing region, sector and word.

      Paid Media performs Google transactions and Google Ads management. Paid Media is important for awareness and traffic. Click to get information about Ume – Moderato used in Diji Moderato. Diji Moderato, which also uses Social Media Channels for fast conversions,
      Apply Some Moderato plan. Diji Moderato is administered monthly and reporting is made at the end of a month.

      What is Moderato?

      Moderato, indicating a medium pace when used alone, is a universally accepted musical term indicating that the track will be played or sung at medium speed. Italian means “medium speed” and indicates that the work will be read at medium speed.According to Metronome, from 108 to 120 unit beats per minute.

      Why did we name our planned package “Moderato”?

      Adapte Dijital, over the internet or other digital channels planned work or marketing efforts focused on speed and performance.
      The work done in each package plan is in a similar framework, but the speed and density are different.

      Content Management

      Ion Moderato Work Plan is implemented

      Paid Media

      Ume Moderato Work Plan is implemented

      Data and Audience Management

      Simple monthly reporting and audience management


      1 Month, 4 Months, 8 Months, 12 Months

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