Web Andante – Website Design Plan / Package

Web Andante (AndaNnte): the digital transformation of your website made to do your work a little faster than very slow.
While doing the most basic work at Web Adagio, some of our customers
Creating a little more business demand made Adapte Dijital plan this package.
What you wonder about Adapte Digital Web Andante package
You can read in more detail below, you can call us for those who have any questions.

  • Web Andante - Website Design Plan / Package

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      Web Andante - Website Design Plan / Package

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      What should be in a website, what are the important ones in a website?

      We made plans for the answers to your questions like. Web with heavy conversions
      You can see the basics that should be on the site in this package.

      What is Web Andante?

      Web Andante; contains the basics that should be in a website
      and planning that will allow you to achieve heavy conversions. Requirements for your website
      planned and prepared in a way that you will get conversion. It will be delivered in 14 days.

      What is the Content of Web Andante Website Design Package?

      Web Andante includes opening and designing 10-17 pages.
      It includes the design of those pages and the production of their contents. The basic operations of the website are carried out in this way and 6 blog posts are produced.
      The contents produced are in accordance with the Ion Andante scheme.
      Click to view Iyon – Andante in detail.
      After website design and content production
      The Ume – Adagio scheme is applied for you to get conversions.
      Click for detailed information about Ume – Adagio.
      Web site design and work for you Adapte Dijital
      Web Andante completes its work so that you get plans and heavy conversions.
      The plan delivered within 14 days is managed for 1 month.

      What is Andante?

      Andante (semi-slow) is a musical work or part of a work
      It is a universally accepted music term that indicates that it will be played at a pace between adacyo and andantino. Andante: means heavily, close to heavy in Italian. According to Metronome, the unit is beats from 76 to 108 per minute.

      Why did we name our planned package “Andante”?

      Tempo is important. Adapte Digital, online or other planned work or marketing efforts made through digital channels are positions focused on speed and performance. The work done in each package plan is in a similar framework but the speed and density are different.

      Number of Pages / Posts

      The production and design of the content between 10-17 pages and 6 blog posts are included in the plan.

      Who Is More Suitable

      Suitable for those who want to transform and grow by showing their business and service capacity more comprehensively.

      Repeat Payment

      Payment is made once, the system belongs to the customer, not leasing. Hosting fee is charged according to annual traffic.

      Server / Hosting

      Google Cloud

      Technique & Installation

      Safe and Fast Infrastructure with Flexible Management Panel

      SEO Optimization

      Basic settings to suit the search engine and user

      Content Management

      All contents of the site will be made according to the İYON-ANDANTE Content plan.

      Graphic design

      The design of the pages and all graphics included in the user-oriented package

      Paid Media

      Our UME-ADAGIO plan will be implemented

      Special Studies to be Made

      Customer Focused Studies





      Corporate Mail

      7 Corporate Mail Setup and Support

      Traffic / Bandwidth

      700 GB / Year

      Responsive Design

      Mobile and Desktop Design for every screen



      Website Monthly Management

      1 month


      Simple reports at the end of the 1st month

      Customizable Designs


      High performance speed


      Delivery time

      14 Days

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