Our Professional Services category offers a wide range of services that enable businesses to succeed in the digital world. In this category; E-export, E-Commerce and Consultancy services are available to develop effective strategies in marketing, B2B and B2C markets. Additionally, we help businesses stand out in the digital world with our Marketing Agency services specialized in Google optimization, Web Design and Digital Marketing.

In order for businesses to exist effectively in the digital environment, it is of great importance to optimize Web Design and E-Commerce platforms. For this purpose, we support businesses that want to achieve success in B2B and B2C markets with our professional Marketing Agency services. We help businesses achieve their growth and success goals by implementing Digital Marketing strategies that enable businesses to reach more customers by increasing their Google rankings.

With our consultancy services, we offer strategies that will enable businesses to achieve success in both E-export and E-Commerce fields. We help businesses increase their sales and customer loyalty with our customized Digital Marketing plans and Marketing Agency services that help businesses gain competitive advantage in B2B and B2C markets. In this way, we support businesses to stand out in the digital world and make their success sustainable.

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  • Corporate Mail Management Service

    Manage your business communication professionally and effectively with Corporate Mail Management Services!

    Today, e-mail communication is of great importance for businesses. With our Corporate Mail Management Services, maintain your business’s e-mail communication smoothly and effectively.

    Create custom email addresses for your business and increase your credibility using a customized domain name. Display a professional image by using corporate e-mail addresses in communications with customers and business partners.

    Access your e-mails anytime, anywhere, using our web-based and mobile applications for easy and fast e-mail management. In addition, ensure that your business’ important data is protected with high security standards.

    Block unwanted and harmful content by constantly scanning your incoming emails with spam and virus protection. In this way, increase the productivity of your employees and create a secure communication environment.

    Strengthen the communication of your business and display a professional image with Corporate Mail Management Services!

    Buy now and take the first step for successful e-mail management!

  • Protected: Professional and Corporate Web Design (Ready Solution, Fast Conversion) 37.799,00 

    🌐 Business managers who want professional and corporate web design: Do you need a website that will take your business to the top of the digital world? As Adapte Digital, we are at your service with our special design packages that reduce costs and increase quality! Choose the one that reflects you among the distinguished examples, and your site will be live in 23 business days! ✨

  • Protected: Work to Improve and Develop the Website (Renovation and Transformation) 47.799,00 

    Are you ready to improve and develop your website? We polish the digital showcase of your business and focus on converting your visitors into customers! 🔍💼 We reduce costs with the basic templates we choose for you and quickly launch your site in 23 business days. 🏗️💨 Don’t miss this opportunity to renew your website and increase its performance!

  • Web Promotion and Marketing Work Program (50% Promotion and Marketing Budget) 71.000,00 

    🌐 Business managers who want a Web Promotion and Marketing Study Program: You can both promote and market immediately by creating and using a digital presence for your business.

    We support you by launching your website as quickly as possible and spending the majority of the total budget on advertising and promotion. ✨

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