Diji Adagio – Digital Media and Marketing Plan / Package


Diji Adagio (Diji Adacyo); digital marketing of your business / brand it is planned to achieve heavy-pace conversions by using its tools with a prudent budget. It is the choice of those who want to go slowly with a cautious budget.

It’s like moving forward with calm music check out the details of Diji Adagio. You can scroll down to view its features or if you have any questions, feel free to call us.

Additional information

Content Management

Ion Adagio Work Plan is applied

Paid Media

The Ume Adagio Study Plan is applied

Data and Audience Management

Simple monthly reporting and audience management


1 Month, 4 Months, 8 Months, 12 Months


You may have questions such as What is digital transformation? What is its contribution?
First of all, Digital Media and Marketing; We do it with the aim of increasing the awareness of your brand / service. This is an important step in increasing your web traffic and building your potential customer base.

What is Diji Adagio?

It is planned to increase awareness and conversion in digital platforms. Diji Adagio; Content Management, Paid Media, Organic Media and Social Media operations are implemented with Adagio package. It is the use of digital media channels and their monthly reporting.

What is the Content of the Diji Adagio Digital Media and Marketing Work Pack?

Diji Adagio slows down digital channels with cautious steps. It is a package designed to progress by taking slow transformations.Google transactions and Google Ads that we call Paid Mediaç We realize the work of Ume – Adagio by using its advertisements effectively.

Content Management plans for you with Iyon – Adagio package.

What is Adagio (Adacyo)?

Adagio (Adacyo), the universal stating that the music will be played slowly it is a generally accepted music term. Indicates that the track will be read very slowly as the term speed in Italian. According to Metronome, from 60 to 76 units per minute are beats.

Why did We Name Our Planned Package “Adagio (Adacyo)”?

Adapte Dijital, on the internet or other digital channels planned work or marketing work done over speed and performance-oriented positions. The work done in each package plan is in a similar framework, but the speed and density are different.