Diji Allegro – Digital Media and Marketing Plan / Package


Diji Allegro (Diji Ellegro); awareness and traffic studies in digital channels it is work that progresses rapidly. Paid Media Channels, Social Media, Content Management and Organic Media channels are used in this work where we will achieve fast transformations and carry out cheerful planning.

Diji Allegro work with medium activity, You can think of it like music that stirs up joyful excitement. You can go below to review the features of Diji Allegro or, feel free to call us for any questions you may have.

Additional information

Content Management

Ion Allegro Work Plan is applied

Organic Media

Orme Allegro Work Plan is applied

Paid Media

Ume Allegro Work Plan is applied

Social media

Some Allegro Work Plan is applied

Data and Audience Management

Simple monthly reporting and audience management


1 Month, 4 Months, 8 Months, 12 Months


Diji Allegro, we can say that it is cheering up by speeding up. In Digital Media and Marketing Plan. Getting quick feedback is valuable for your brand / organization. We plan the work and execution that you will gain speed for you.

What is Diji Allegro?

Diji is Digital Media and Marketing, Allegro is speed. Diji Allegro is digital media. It is the package in which channels and marketing tools are used (Google Ads, Social Media, Seo) and conversions are taken quickly.

What is the Content of the Diji Allegro Digital Media and Marketing Work Package?

We have planned your questions such as which channels and how to use them, what is the conversion. Iyon – Allegro is used in the Diji Allegro work plan.
Iyon – Allegro, starting from the business research process, taking photos progressing with the inclusion. The rapid progress of organic studies in Digital Marketing is realized with Orme – Allegro package. We mentioned that Allegro means fast. Ume – Allegro is the continuation of Google Ads and other advertising work with fast conversions.

Social Media, one of our digital media platforms, It is in the package as Some – Allegro.  These studies are conducted monthly and reported on the tenth of the month.

What is Allegro?

Allegro is the universal general symbol of lively, cheerful and fast pace. It is an accepted music term. Allegro, which means cheerful in Italian, indicates that the piece will be read “fast”. According to Metronome, the unit is beats from 120 to 168 per minute.

Why did we name our planned package “Allegro”?

Adapte Dijital, on the internet or other digital channels planned work or marketing work done over speed and performance-oriented positions.The work done in each package plan is in a similar framework, but the speed and density are different.