Diji Presto – Digital Media and Marketing Plan / Package


Diji Presto (Diji Presto); digital media and marketing tools i is planned work to get conversions in the fastest way using. It is a suitable package for those who gain a certain momentum and want to accelerate even more.

This speed of your digital transformations excited metal you can think of it like a guitar solo. Those who want to progress by getting quick conversions

If you are wondering how we planned his preferred Diji Presto, you can read below or call us.

Additional information

Content Management

Ion Presto Work Plan is applied

Organic Media

Orme Presto Work Plan is applied

Paid Media

Ume Presto Work Plan is applied

Social media

Some Presto Work Plan is applied

Data and Audience Management

Simple monthly reporting and audience management


1 Month, 4 Months, 8 Months, 12 Months


Diji Presto for those who want to get the fastest conversion it is a preferred study plan. If you say what is in a planning where Digital Media and Marketing channels are used and the conversions are fast, continue.

What is Diji Presto?

Speed ​​of Digital Media and Marketing channels are transformations it is work by obtaining. Traffic and awareness are important in digitalization. Diji Presto has planned these for you to get the fastest conversion.

What is the Content of the Diji Presto Digital Media and Marketing Work Pack?

Content Management Iyon – Presto package implemented in Diji Presto. Iyon – Presto package includes drop pages, blog posts, and product entries. These are planned and presented in the form of industry, audience, analysis and competitor calculations. You can click to get more information about Iyon – Presto.

One of the most important of Diji Presto is Paid Media. Paid Media management and use carries a significant distribution of speed. Ume – Presto work package; Google Operations, Google Ads management and ads are planned and executed in a way that converts quickly.

Social Media platforms Digital Media are also important. Accounts are opened, planned and produced content suitable for your audience and your industry. It is possible to target your audience organically and to attract them with Organic Media.

If you say what is Organic Media work, it includes internal and external link studies, sectoral site registrations and mail studies. In the plans where your work progresses rapidly.

Please call us if you have any questions about Diji Presto.

What is Presto?

Presto said that a piece of music would be played very quickly. This is a universally accepted musical term indicating. It means fast, fast in Italian. According to my metronome, the unit hits from 168 to 192 per minute.

Why did we name our planned package “Presto”?

Adapte Dijital, on the internet or other digital channels planned work or marketing work done over speed and performance-oriented positions. The work done in each package plan is in a similar framework, but the speed and density are different.