Esite Presto – E-Commerce Site Plan / Package


Esite Presto (Presto); all works for your e-commerce site It is a work plan that is made in the most detailed way and where large budgets are managed. Interactions and design differ from our other packages in that they are more detailed and planned using all the tools.

If you want to have an e-commerce site with large budgets, our Esite Presto work plan is very suitable for you.

To learn more about our Esite Presto package you can read the explanations below.  Getting more information and asking your questions please call us without hesitation.


Additional information

Number of Pages / Posts

Between 37-44 Pages and 20 Blog Posts production and design are included in the plan "

Additional Benefits

Photo shooting, video production

Number of Products (Hosted)


Number of Products (to be added)

99 customer focused product entries

Who Is More Suitable

"There are a lot of products and categories on the e-commerce site, and these products
It is suitable for those who want to exhibit fast, who want to increase their conversion performance "

Repeat Payment

"Payment is made once, the system belongs to the customer, not leasing.
Hosting fee is charged according to the annual traffic "

Server / Hosting

Google Cloud

Technique & Installation

Safe and Fast Infrastructure with Flexible Management Panel

SEO Optimization

Basic settings to suit the search engine and user

Content Management

All content of the site will be made according to the İYON-PRESTO content plan.

Graphic design

The design of the pages and all graphics included in the user-oriented package

Paid Media

Our UME-MODERATO plan will be implemented

Special Studies to be Made

Special Studies to be Made





Corporate Mail

33 Corporate Mail Setup and Support

Traffic / Bandwidth

900 GB / Year

Responsive Design

Mobile and Desktop Design for every screen



Website Monthly Management

3 months


Detailed reports per month

Customizable Designs


High performance speed


Delivery time

21 Days


To achieve a rapid transformation and to carry out a comprehensive study with our Esite Presto plan, which we recommend to large-scale businesses, you will get fast conversions and an e-commerce site fully Adapte Dijital.

What is Esite Presto?

What should be an e-commerce site and digital marketing it is the e-commerce site design plan in which all the tools are used in the most comprehensive way.

Esite Presto is a package that we recommend for company owners who have reached a certain sales and marketing volume in the traditional part.

With the Esite Presto package, what you have caught in traditional marketing we fully support you to easily capture volume and acceleration in the digital world.

What is the Content of Esite Presto E-Commerce Site Design Package?

Your Esite Presto website is in 37-44 page range. it starts with planning and includes 20 blog posts. The system that can contain unlimited products inside, Adapte Dijital provides 99 customer-oriented product entries for you. The entered products are planned and entered to be Seo and Sales Oriented.

Photo shooting and video shooting is provided. In addition to these, your YouTube account is set up and managed. Customer-oriented content work is all Iyon – Presto. All graphic and design works of your e-commerce site are done within the plan.

It is then carried out under the paid media Ume – Moderato plan. Planning the essentials of your e-commerce site Esite Presto It will be delivered to you within 33 days. With a 3-month management, we present your quick conversions with simple monthly reports.

What is Presto?

Presto stated that a piece of music will be played very quickly. This is a universally accepted music term. It means fast  in Italian. According to my metronome, the unit hits from 168 to 192 per minute.

Why did we name our planned package “Presto”?

Adapte Dijital, on the internet or other digital channels the planned work or marketing efforts made through locations focused on speed and performance. The work done in each package plan is in a similar framework, but the speed and density are different.