Web Andante – Website Design Plan / Package




What should be in a website, what are the important ones in a website?

We made plans for the answers to your questions like. Web with heavy conversions
You can see the basics that should be on the site in this package.

What is Web Andante?

Web Andante; contains the basics that should be in a website
and planning that will allow you to achieve heavy conversions. Requirements for your website
planned and prepared in a way that you will get conversion. It will be delivered in 14 days.

What is the Content of Web Andante Website Design Package?

Web Andante includes opening and designing 10-17 pages.
It includes the design of those pages and the production of their contents. The basic operations of the website are carried out in this way and 6 blog posts are produced.
The contents produced are in accordance with the Ion Andante scheme.
Click to view Iyon – Andante in detail.
After website design and content production
The Ume – Adagio scheme is applied for you to get conversions.
Click for detailed information about Ume – Adagio.
Web site design and work for you Adapte Dijital
Web Andante completes its work so that you get plans and heavy conversions.
The plan delivered within 14 days is managed for 1 month.

What is Andante?

Andante (semi-slow) is a musical work or part of a work
It is a universally accepted music term that indicates that it will be played at a pace between adacyo and andantino. Andante: means heavily, close to heavy in Italian. According to Metronome, the unit is beats from 76 to 108 per minute.

Why did we name our planned package “Andante”?

Tempo is important. Adapte Digital, online or other planned work or marketing efforts made through digital channels are positions focused on speed and performance. The work done in each package plan is in a similar framework but the speed and density are different.