Creative Ad Test

Creative Advertising Test, in the world of advertising, there is a consumer action and directing to buy the relevant product. The main element that drives the consumer and makes them buy is creative.

In order to catch up with the competition in this fast moving consumption sector, it is necessary to reach the right user at the right place and time with the right content and offer. Creative ad testing is also needed to manage this process efficiently.

Creative Ad Test; It is to test what kind of creative content (famous names, visuals, streams…), what kind of message, what kind of target audience you should come out with. In advertising campaign management, it makes it possible to invest more in those that bring more turnover and interaction, and eliminate the bad performers.

Let’s take a closer look at the creative ad tests; Why is it so important, what should we pay attention to?

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Why Take the Creative Ad Test?

To reduce the cost of access, to use the budget correctly.

You can use it to get to know the audience you want to reach better and to increase your interaction with them.

You can apply it to stand out from the competition with the most striking advertisement, to nurture your digital strategy in this direction and to strengthen your communication and brand.

You can take advantage of creative ad testing to save your team time with continuous feedback and learning.

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What is the Rule of Creative Ad Testing?

Choosing the Right Performance Criteria:

According to the criteria of the campaign (cost per click, income from advertising expenditure), the level of success should be decided correctly.

Identifying the Right Audience and Reach:

Before the test, it should be determined how to know the target audience correctly and how to communicate with them. Instead of choosing a large audience in the first place, it should focus on a small target audience. Wait for it to be shown to a part of the target audience to be sure of the result.

Determine the Number of Ads You Will Test and How Many:

How many variables you test will affect these numbers, whether you use automation or not. Key variables can be determined based on the campaign goal and your ability to create creative alternatives. Examples of these are the action button, main images, main text, flow order, start and end messages, video length, horizontal/vertical format alternatives.

Determine Adequate Budget and Time to Deliver Conclusive Results

Few alternatives, but making a difference in these alternatives is effective. Be sure that you can measure which of these differences affect the result the greater the difference.

Be Organized And Planned

Keep track of the start and end times of the calendar and any other variables that may affect the result during this period.

In general, advertising platforms continue the tests with automation to facilitate this process of the advertiser. In this way, all alternatives are tested, and the system itself eliminates those with bad results.

As you can see, creative ad tests; It removes the guesses that you are not sure about in your campaign and increases the efficiency and awareness of the brands with the highest interactive ads.

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