Traditional Advertising? Digital Advertising?

Advertising is a method that has been used for centuries to help introduce you to people and to increase your awareness.

In traditional advertising; methods such as newspaper and magazine advertisements, flyers, billboards, bus dressing are used. But now that people spend most of their time in digital environments and companies are gradually investing in digital advertising from traditional advertising in order to reach the right audience.

digital advertising; It is the advertising of your brand or products on the digital platforms where people are the most. The Internet is more preferred because it is an area where the user can internalize the product or service.

Traditional Advertising? Digital Advertising? 1

What are the Differences between Digital Media and Traditional Advertising?

• The budget spent in traditional advertising is high.

• You can reach more people with a small budget in digital advertising.

• While traditional advertising is a one-way communication tool, digital advertising is a versatile tool.

• While it takes a long time to see your ad results in traditional advertising, you can see whether you get results in a short time in digital advertising.

• Digital advertisements attract the target audience directly to you as they attract more attention.

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See the glossary for the digital ad date.

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