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Website Studies for IdeaSoft E-Commerce Software

Founded in 2005, IdeaSoft e-commerce software is one of the leading software companies in Turkey, offering e-commerce infrastructure for 15 years. It is on its way to becoming a global player in the field of e-commerce and e-export. Adapte Digital exists to accelerate the path of our customers who want to move their business to e-commerce and grow in the online market.

If you want to go fast in e-commerce, read this article and our other articles about similar short software until the end. Because this will give you the practice of e-commerce operation.

IdeaSoft is a system that works with the logic of renting software, renting the software to you and charging annual renewal fees. IdeaSoft E-Commerce packages are sold at different price ranges. You can start with a package that suits your needs. E-Commerce packages are priced by offering many features at separate prices. Ideasoft E Commerce package prices continue in the price range of 1900 TL-7750 TL in 2021.

After renting the system, product entries or all other operational works are done in-house.

Adapte Digital Support in Sales with IdeaSoft E-Commerce

After purchasing IdeaSoft software, if you do not have a team to do other work to sell your product, we can be your solution partner. Adapte Digital can offer e-commerce software similar to IdeaSoft, as well as perform all operational tasks from after-sales support.

How many parts is the e-commerce process divided into and what are the job descriptions?

IdeaSoft post-software operations: Stunning slide or product banner designs, category entries and texts, product entries and texts, product photography or editing, Trendyol, Hepsiburada, N11, Amazon, Gittigidiyor integration processes, Integra matching, accounting, invoice software, social media management, Google Seo and Advertising operations…

You can review our web design and e-commerce services on our pages: Web Design, E-Commerce …

Banner and Slide Designs on IdeaSoft E-Commerce Site

Homepage slides, homepage and other pages banner designs, in-site visual presentations must be made by your team or solution partners. We can make customized images of your T soft E-Commerce site with our monthly site management model.

Category and Product Entries in IdeaSoft E-Commerce Site

You can get help from Ticimax’s own videos for category and product entries in IdeaSoft e-commerce software. Adapte Digital can give you this service with the support of user and seo compatible product entry.

Product Photo Shooting or Editing for IdeaSoft E-Commerce Site

You want the photos of the products you will add to your IdeaSoft e-commerce site to be more original and suitable for what you want. It will be very beneficial for you to take photos that will impress your potential customers and encourage them to buy. Adapte Digital does photo shooting, product photo cleaning, photo editing for you.

Trendyol, Amazon and Other Marketplace Integrations

While using e-commerce software, you can manage marketplaces and other compatible sales channels from a single panel. These software or intermediary institutions, which we call integrators, distribute your products. The main integrators are: Entegra, Stockmount, Sentos, Dopigo. Our advice until a new one comes out; It is Integra. We can explain this recommendation, which is based on many reasons and our experience, in detail when you contact us.

In e-commerce integration, the products are taken by the integrator from the accounting program or wherever the source of your operational setup will be, and distributed to the relevant areas. Here you will encounter a lot of business, where you will have problems and seek support. For this, you can get support from companies or you can ask for support from us.

Bizimaccount, Parachute etc. Accounting Programs, E-Invoice Integration

Bizim Account, Paraşüt, Akınsoft etc. similar online accounting programs. We make your job very easy in E-Commerce sales transactions.

Google Advertising and Seo Operations

What we have told so far are almost the cornerstones of the system. I hope it was useful information and reading. Selling through your own e-commerce site is vital and a guarantee of your future. We say this to all our customers and to our ties to digital businesses that receive information from us: Data is the treasure of the digital age. If we work to obtain our own data, we win.

What this means: knowing our customers and what they want from us monthly, establishing a system that serves them gives you a lot of money, both financially and morally. This is possible with Google advertising and Seo (search engine settings). Click to download our Google Ads page…

Social media management

Social Media is a very effective tool in brand and product awareness. You can manage your social media with standard shares or aggressive applications. Methods such as using influencers, creating your own influencer network, etc. can bring your brand or products to the top.

Data and Data Management

Development comes when the data/data obtained from all these e-commerce transactions are used. Who bought what and how much from us, are the results of the metrics we target good or are they getting better? Many reports and their comments take us one step higher. Analyze and use your data.

Data and analytics tools: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Datastudio, Google Merchant Center and many paid analytics tools.

For those who want to work with IdeaSoft, we wrote a short article on the topics we can support, using a simplified language. We did not want to go into comparisons like IdeaSoft or IdeaSoft. Each software has advantages, disadvantages, many things to write about early and late. The important thing in this business is to believe in development and to do our part properly.

You can review IdeaSoft E-Commerce Packages.

Conclusion for Ideasoft

In this article, we explained how we can use our advanced skills to support our valued customers. Check out our services and references on our site.

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