What is Data Driven Marketing? Let’s Examine

To enable your marketing department to contribute effectively to your business, you need actionable data-driven marketing strategy. Data can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of each part of your business, enabling you to make strategic decisions that will help your marketing efforts be more successful.

87% of advertisers think data is underused in companies. So, are you wondering about the benefits of data-driven marketing?

Benefits of Data Driven Marketing

Both businesses and consumers can gain a lot by adopting a data-driven marketing approach. When strategies are successfully implemented, benefits such as:

Personalized Marketing

It is important for companies to deliver the right message at the right time. Data-driven marketing allows brands to better understand their customer profile and create a customized ad to their leads.

Our digital marketing packages use all marketing tools.


Thanks to the rich information in your databases, advertisers can reach the most accurate information about customers and potential customers and eliminate the information that will not be used. With data-driven marketing, it becomes much easier to separate and group the target audiences you are trying to reach.

Experience with Different Channels

Advertisers are leveraging data to expand reach and extend communication beyond email across multiple networks. Distributing data-driven ads across different channels through automated marketing campaigns will ensure that your message is consistent and reaches every recipient at the right time.

Customer Experience

Many popular brands are using data-driven marketing to improve their customer experience. It often organizes customer satisfaction surveys and identifies areas for improvement.

Product development

Data-driven marketing significantly reduces the rate of product failure. Companies can better understand their target audience, which can lead to the development of suitable products for their market.

Challenges of Data Driven Marketing

Like any other successful business strategy, data-driven marketing has its challenges. Let’s examine the most common ones:

The Right Team

Due to the nature of the job and the skills required, it can be difficult to find staff who specialize in predictive and crowd management. That’s why it’s helpful for you and your team to learn more about being data-driven.


If a company fails in the integration process, marketers will have a hard time collecting the right data for customer feedback. For example, retail companies and e-commerce websites often deal with the task of collecting and structuring data from social media and mobile devices.

Data-Driven Marketing Examples

If you’re still unsure of how data-driven marketing can fit into your business strategy, here are a few examples to inspire you;


Retargeting is important for all digital marketers. If someone has bought a product from your e-commerce site or showed interest, why not call that person again? Let’s say your target audience is a travel enthusiast who has recently booked a ski vacation in Uludag. From this data, you can automatically offer deals on ski lessons, accommodation, airfare, and similar vacation ideas that will appeal to your target audience.

Our data-driven marketing example: Jess Diamond

Organic Paid Search

Analyze your preferred customers by the types of keywords they are searching for and consider what the competition is determining. Leverage this data to place yourself at the top of the most relevant search results and drive organic traffic to your website.

Targeted Email Campaigns

Is email marketing part of the current strategy? Get a data-driven approach to email campaigns by grouping your desired audiences. While this data allows for automation, you can easily personalize messages to connect one-on-one with every customer.

In short, the future for data-driven marketing is very bright. Alongside AI marketing, data-driven solutions are becoming an essential part of successful marketing campaigns.

Good example about data science.

Data Driven Digital Marketing

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What is Data Driven Advertising, How Is It Done?

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