Digital Audit: Auditing Digital Activities 1

Digital Audit: Auditing Digital Activities

We provide technical and strategic support as a result of the audit of digitalization activities covering digital audit, digital transformation, web, digital marketing, media and PR activities. Wouldn’t you like to measure and control the activities of your employees, managers and external resources you support in your digital operations?
Adapte Digital reviews your digital activities for digital audit, measures your performance, detects errors, determines, presents and programs your strategy with the insights obtained from the data.
Auditing the results of E-Invoice, E-Archive and E-Ledger, which are among the digital activities, and the digital activities carried out, is very important in order not to waste business resources. You can control digital activities with the expert Adapte Digital.

We bring efficiency to your resources with the control of your digital activities.
With digital auditing, you will have a strategy and a new roadmap suitable for business purposes and needs. According to this roadmap, you will be able to direct your teams and solution partners and manage your digital assets more efficiently.
Check out our digital audit page.
Trade mostly proceeds in digital environment through digital tools. Businesses, whether they do e-commerce or not, operate most of their transactions through the website. Are your personnel or managers doing these operations correctly? Or can these operations be done more accurately with other practices? This is where digital auditing takes over the business and benefits the business in resource use.
The awareness of the need for digital internal control, analysis and evaluation should be brought into the corporate culture.

What are the Digital Activities to Inspect with Digital Audit?
We use 219 criteria in the control of web, content, advertisement, listing, media, technical digitalization studies, sales and campaign results. Our evaluation according to the results leads us towards a more efficient operation.
Are your resources invested in digitalization used efficiently?
Is there a transformation of digitalization or will it happen?
Is your roadmap for digitalization and digital activities correct?
Will your digital tools, methods, strategy and practices get you somewhere?
Can your budget, time and human resources be used more efficiently?
We need to know whether your employees, their work and the steps you have taken for digitalization and digital investments have been successful or not. We must know and be able to re-improve and develop.

Digital Activities and Fields

• Website Production and Management
• Content Production and Management
• Listing Management
• Digital Media and Marketing
• Social media management
• Marketplace and Sales Channels Management
• Mass Communication and Management
• Data and Customer Management
• Digital Transformation & IT
As a result of digital analysis and evaluations, we contribute and direct the operation of the business with our digital consultancy.

Businesses can learn how the investments made for digitalization, the steps taken, the decisions taken, and where they can go, through digital auditing over the actual data.
What Benefit Does Digital Auditing and Consulting Offer?

Audit and consultancy work can provide businesses with a method and a guide to use the method.
In addition to using technology in all their processes to keep up with the digital world, businesses need to design a digitalized organization and process management structure.
Falling behind in digitalization or the failure of digital activities are among the biggest risks for companies. It is the task of the digital audit to keep your digital activities running in the best way possible.
Digitalization strategies, processes and selection and adaptation of the right technology
Errors and risks in the operation of digitalization and digital activities
Leveraging AI and efficiency after digitization
Is the business managed with the right digital needs? The digital needs of every business are different and their solutions should be handled differently. We support businesses in the training of employees involved in the digital activities of the business, from auditing the adequacy of their external resources. Our goal is to ensure that the resources invested by both the employees and the business are processed efficiently.

Why should businesses see digital auditing and beyond as a need for consulting?
In the flow of digitalization, digital activities, it is not very possible for businesses to turn around and evaluate what is happening in the lack of information and the multiplicity and speed of instant activities. A companion, a guide who can do this and bring efficiency and savings to the business by doing this, becomes an important need.
In addition to saving and saving, you should definitely see it as a need for sustainable productivity.
Supervision of the digital process, employee performance, needs, digital production efficiency and other activities
Digitization is no longer an annex to a unit, it is what needs to be at the very center of a business. Every business that raises its customers, knows what their customers want and keeps them will be one of the best of the future. This allows you to digitize in the best way possible.

What is Digital Audit?
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