10 Things That Come to Mind of Tradesmen When They Say Digital Marketing

I think we wouldn’t be making a mistake if we started this topic by asking, “Where does digital marketing come into our lives?” It is odd for all of us that the grocer in our neighborhood, Uncle Orhan, opens a website called bakkalorhan.com, because he is, after all, Uncle Orhan the grocer. How could that be? Hello uncle Orhan, shake yourself up and wake up. Joking aside, our tradesmen uncles do not take kindly to this issue.

Digital Marketing and Being a Neighborhood

Most of us come from a neighborhood culture somewhere and we have been in this nostalgic structure more or less. We all asked for a cup of sugar from our next-door aunt Saniye. What if we wanted a cup of coffee online? What if Saniye Teyze had a personal website?

We are strange. Our habitual upbringing rejects this quite a lot, and we even laugh at it, saying it’s okay. Since we are the daughters and sons of Grocery Uncle Hasan and Aunt Saniye, this is quite normal.

Of course, the grocer Uncle Hasan and Aunt Saniye think so. Let’s see what our artisan uncles think about digital marketing.

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1.The Concept of Neighborhood

There are also those who think that what they know and see as a betrayal of people, this digital marketing situation. Those who do not want to ignore human relations. They prefer to have a cup of tea and chat in the shop, or to talk face to face and ask how they are.

2.Client Portfolio

When it is a neighborhood, a person’s customer is naturally from his neighbor, wife or friend. The mass in the hands of our tradesman uncle is clear. Our expectations are clear. Our uncle, the tradesman, who we can say that we did not make money this month, we will pay next month, is not fighting for a certain audience so that he can market himself digitally.


Ahmetgil’s nephew’s son was working in Izmit. What would digital marketing be? Can’t we tell Ahmet? Getting things done through acquaintances seems more reliable. Of course, the logic of both them and us win is also in the foreground. For example, money should not go to foreigners.


What if you’re going to buy the shoes here and take them to Antalya, sell them there and deal with shipping them? What is the need, is the water of our neighborhood or our city running out, we will do business in a place we do not know, we cannot hold on, especially our budget cannot afford it. These are risky jobs. Of course, the concept of familiar customers and neighborhood continues to have an impact here.

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5.Roasting in Your Own Oil

One bite, one cardigan. The philosophy of the uncle of the tradesman, which enthrones the hearts with a risk-free lifestyle without any financial loss, without being dependent on anyone. They try to keep their economic decisions in line with their budgets, without too much expectation and risk.


Our artisan uncles think that they cannot cope with large companies. Even if he does digital marketing, he doesn’t see it as necessary because he can’t get enough efficiency. Maybe he doesn’t see a great future for his own capital. He doesn’t want to compete and lose what he has.


The consciousness of tradesmen, which has been going on since the Ottoman period, has still not completely disappeared, although the lodge organizations do not maintain their influence as much as before. Doing everything according to tradition can be considered a ritual.

8.Fear of Institutionalization

Our artisan uncles, who do not want to make it a burden by expanding the business, taking more responsibility, and not losing their mass, are not involved in digital marketing. Of course, it will be difficult to manage the loss of sincerity in the neighborhood consciousness and the institutionalization situation that will become more serious in one place.


We do not have uncles, who often hear the concept of digital marketing and want to keep up with the new generation. When you least expect it, you can get a friend request from a facebook account opened in the name of Nusret, your neighborhood’s servant, and not only that, you can receive a message saying, ‘If you need water, you can let me know here, bro.’

10.High Expectation

Many of our tradesmen’s uncles cannot control their impatience and excitement and expect a big profit all of a sudden. Right after having a website for digital marketing, and even the next day, one can whine, ‘Where are our customers?’

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