Digital Billboard and 3D Led Billboard 1

Digital Billboard and 3D Led Billboard

Digital Billboards are advertising tools that can be seen by almost everyone in the city. These advertising tools allow your company or any product to be promoted much more easily and to be known by large target audiences. While walking around the streets, driving or traveling on public transport during the day, we often come across billboards. That’s why billboard advertising is extremely important.
The more professional and interesting the billboard advertising work is, the higher the promotional success will be. For this reason, it is very important to apply poster design and creative promotion methods in the billboard advertising stage. As in every advertising work, the purpose of billboard advertisements is to reach more individuals and communities.

What is Digital Billboard Advertising? What Does It Do?
Digital billboard advertising is a promotional effort that aims to reach large communities in a much shorter time. Today, there are many different ways of advertising and promotion. One of them is the billboards that we often encounter on the streets. Billboard advertising vehicles target pedestrians and vehicles in the city. No matter where you are in the city, whichever mode of transportation you prefer, you will often encounter billboards.
For this reason, digital billboard advertising is one of the promotional methods that never turns sour. Billboards allow your promotion to be displayed to a large number of people outdoors with no additional need.

What is a Digital Billboard?
Digital billboard advertising is a little different from other billboard advertising works. At this point, the types of advertisements and designs differ as priority. For example, while flat banners are preferred in normal billboard advertising, there are also three-dimensional promotions in digital billboard advertisements. For this reason, digital billboard advertisements are more interesting than others.
For this reason, companies that want to make a more interesting promotion and advertisement work generally prefer digital billboards. In this way, it is much easier to reach people residing in that area, outdoors and in certain locations within the city. Billboards, one of the digital promotional activities, are one of the most preferred advertising methods today.

What are the Advantages of Digital Billboard Advertising?
Digital billboards, which are one of the most preferred advertising and promotion works recently, bring many advantages. These are generally as follows;
• It is possible to reach more people in certain local locations.
• It is much more interesting than other advertising works.
• Professional 3D designs create more memorability.
• It is possible to reach more individuals.
• It is one of the best outdoor promotion methods.
• It provides a great advantage in terms of price and performance.
• It allows all kinds of designs to be promoted outdoors.
• It is the easiest way to reach individuals who prefer pedestrians, vehicles and public transportation.
Due to the above advantages, digital billboard advertisements are frequently preferred today.

3D Led Billboard
3D Led Billboard technology starts with combining two images taken from different angles and placing them into a single clip. Our left and right eyes see images from different points, and our brain recognizes objects in three-dimensional depth. To achieve this illusion, 3D led billboards often use curved screens with two sides.

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