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Together with our expert team, we help you reach your goals by fully revealing the potential of your business in the field of e-commerce. Work with us to be a pioneer in e-commerce.

Professional e-commerce consulting services

As an e-commerce consultancy agency, we make it easy for you to move your business online. We are preparing a plan that will make your business stand out in the digital world, together with our expert team that understands your business and offers you tailor-made solutions. Work with us to strengthen your online presence and be a pioneer in e-commerce.

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From design to product management

We offer tailor-made solutions for you in all processes, from the design of your e-commerce site to product management, customer experience and logistics. We strengthen your online presence by offering a customized e-commerce solution in line with the needs of your business.

E-Commerce Examples

E-Commerce CompaniesFeatures
AmazonThe largest e-commerce platform worldwide. It stands out with its product variety, fast delivery and advantages such as Prime membership.
AlibabaThe largest B2B e-commerce platform worldwide. It focuses on wholesale of products.
eBayThe largest online auction site worldwide. It also allows the sale of second-hand products.
ShopifyOnline store creation platform. It offers easy-to-use store owners for product management, payment processing, order tracking and other e-commerce transactions.
EtsyE-commerce platform focused on the sale of handmade or specially designed products. It offers a dedicated marketplace for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
ZaraFashion retailer Zara also serves its customers with its online store. It offers the entire product range in its online store and offers fast delivery for online orders.
NikeNike serves its customers around the world with its online store. The product range stands out with its advantages such as customizable product options and fast delivery.
WalmartWalmart, a large retail chain around the world, also serves its customers with its online store. It offers a wide range in its product range and offers fast delivery.

e-commerce sales in the first quarter of 2022

This table shows the different categories of e-commerce sales in the first quarter of 2022.

CategorySales (2022 Q1)Sales (2021 Q1)Rate of Change
Clothes$35 billion$30 billion%17
Electronic$28 billion$24 billion%16
Food and drink$20 billion$18 billion%11
Home and Garden$18 billion$15 billion%20
Automotive$15 billion$13 billion%15

Clothing, electronics and food/beverage categories have the highest sales figures. The home and garden category grew by 20% compared to the previous year, while the automotive category grew by 15%. Change rates show the difference between sales compared to the same period of the previous year.

Ecommerce Users Behavior Data

This table shows a few examples of user behavior.

Product search%85
Product review%70
Add to cart%65
Don’t return%25
Write a comment%15
Sharing on social media%10

The most common behaviors include product search and product review, with a lower purchase rate. The return rate, though lower, is still notable. Only 15% of users write comments, while 10% post on social media. This data can be used as an e-commerce site administrator to understand user behavior and create marketing strategies accordingly.

E-Commerce Management and Consulting

E-Commerce Strategy

E-commerce strategies and planning
are within the scope of management and consultancy.

Website and Mobile

Website and mobile application design,
creation of new pages.

Product management

Product management and optimization
can increase your traffic and sales.

Marketing and Advertising

Digital marketing and advertising
increases your awareness and customers.

Social media management

Conversion from the audience by creating social media management

Customer Experience

Customer experience and support management
and new approaches.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Its data and analytics contribute to key business goals such as awareness, sales, and customer loyalty.

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*Formu doldurup ve kişisel verilerinizi vererek, Adapte Dijital'den veya Adapte Dijital'in araştırma ortaklarından bu projeyle ilgili e-postalar ve aramaları almayı kabul etmiş olursunuz. Bilgileri kullanmamıza izin vermiş olursunuz.

Case Study: Orasil

Selected examples of digital marketing projects we have developed using the Efficient Digital Model.


Let’s share the main information that we are allowed to share from the Orasil brand of the textile company, which is our digital transformation customer. Like other brands of our customer, we started to provide our Digital PR and marketing services for the Orasil brand at the beginning of 2020.

Orasil brand is a cleaning cloth by recycling textile wastes. We have provided the development of a product group whose market is not formed from textile waste, from creating search terms to the sales stage.

Maximum 50 thousand TL per month for the brand. We took delivery from the turnover and in 2022 it is 500 thousand TL per month. We moved it to the point where it hits the average. We want you to know; It is only 4 thousand TL per month. We did it with a very low advertising budget.

At Orasil, our target is the cleaning cloth leadership used in the entire industry. And with this leadership, it is to highlight the brand in the European region. 2.5 million TL per month for this brand alone in 2024. We aim at a level of turnover and awareness.

We want you to know that we will work hard to be creative, productive, devoted and contributing to your business and brand.

Website: orasil.com

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We received support from Gürbüz Özdem and her team, from the construction of many brand sites to the management of our digital marketing. I can say our digital department.
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Şerif Çulcu
Founder/ Motto Cosmetics
Adapte Digital does the web and digital works of many brands belonging to our company. We have been working on web since the beginning of 2018, and digital marketing from 2020 together.
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Aslı Yüksek
Marketing Manager / Vizyon
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