Choosing the Focus of Generation Z in E-Commerce Site Design 1

Choosing the Focus of Generation Z in E-Commerce Site Design

The consumption behavior of the new generation is of great importance in E-Commerce Site Design. Generation Z is maturing and leading the changes within the sectors.

It is very important to examine the consumption behaviors of the Z generation so that you can have a correct and effective e-commerce site design.

With this article, you can keep your e-commerce site design up-to-date and increase your visit and sales rates. Because now the behavior of the Z generation affects the popularity of your site!

The Place of Generation Z in Our Lives

When the Z generation is considered, it constitutes approximately 23% of Turkey’s population. Generation Z, almost all of whom are university graduates, are now the strongest consumer class in the market.

Generation Z, which shapes the future of e-commerce sites, not only changes their e-commerce habits, but also contributes to innovations. As a result of a research done; In Turkey, 52% of parents say that the thoughts of the Z generation, that is, their children, affect the brands they will buy.

Therefore, it is very important to design your e-commerce site for the new generation and keep it updated. Please call us for detailed information, let’s develop and expand your e-commerce site design together.

Choosing the Focus of Generation Z in E-Commerce Site Design 2
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You Have 8 Seconds to Grab the Attention of Generation Z in E-commerce

Compared to other generations, the attention span of Generation Z is very short. It is very important to have an effective and quality e-commerce site as you have 8 seconds to get their attention. Please click to learn about e-commerce site design prices and to have a remarkable e-commerce site.

Adapte Digital collects all the necessary data and works to attract the attention of the Z generation. With the research we have done, we determine the behaviors and preferences of the Z generation and we do your development work.

3 Basic Consumer Behaviors of Generation Z

In e-commerce sites, Generation Z loves to try the new. That’s why new and different products are rapidly becoming popular and growing. The experiences offered by your e-commerce site and your brand are becoming more important than the brand itself. The experience offered by the product or service is the most effective selection criterion in the preferences of the Z generation.


Considering the e-commerce consumption habits, the Z generation prefers to buy a product at a discount rather than at its normal price. In order for your e-commerce site to develop and grow, it must be designed in accordance with the Z generation, as well as have technically advanced options.

Call Adapte Digital now so that your e-commerce site design is designed in accordance with the consumption behaviors of the Z generation and has technical competencies.

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Product / Service Story

If the Z generation can associate itself with your product or service on your e-commerce site, then your growth rate will increase a lot. Promoting your products or services in line with the Z generation is content marketing. In order to gain loyalty and be sustainable, you must have an e-commerce business model established with the right strategies.

Our e-commerce site example: Jess Diamond

Visual Likes

The identities of e-commerce sites are very important for Generation Z. You can attract the attention of Generation Z with a different and remarkable brand identity. Remember that a visual work is worth many words for Gen Z. Visual communication is the cornerstone of Generation Z.

Society and trends will continue to change day by day. It will be a great chance for you to create your brand and e-commerce site by determining the consumer behaviors and attention points of the Z generation. Click now to review our packages for which we do your marketing work besides our e-commerce site design.

Please call us for detailed information.

E-Commerce Website Design Prices

E-Commerce Website Design Prices

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