What You Need to Know to Sell on Trendyol 1

What You Need to Know to Sell on Trendyol

I want to sell from Trendyol, we have heard the conversations about what it takes to sell from Trendyol in our daily lives. Trendyol.com was founded by Demet Mutlu with a capital of 300 thousand dollars as the leading fashion e-commerce site aiming to make fashion accessible to everyone. In 2018, Alibaba received the approval of the Competition Authority on July 24 and became the main shareholder of Trendyol.

The most beautiful and effective feature of Trendyol in the e-commerce world is the very good use of marketing and advertising channels and its campaign management style. By opening your store on Trendyol, you can deliver your ready-to-sale products to customers immediately.

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What are the Advantages of Opening a Store and Starting Sales on Trendyol?

The main goals of businesses or brands are to increase their sales in order to survive and to reach profitability with a fast turnover rate. We want to make its commercial life sustainable by using sales and marketing channels and gain prosperity.

One of the best ways to do this in Turkey and in other major countries for now is to open a store in Trendyol. The way to make opening a store in Trendyol advantageous is to set our goals well and to work with partners who have gained expertise.

Article for Trendyol Store Management

Quickly Measure the Performance of Your Products

You can quickly measure the reaction of customers by putting your products on sale. Thanks to Trendyol’s large traffic, you can immediately understand whether your products attract attention in the category they belong to or whether their sales are increasing. If you have a trading setup, you can immediately understand the price range, sales and profit status of the products you focus on. The important point that we should appreciate and know is this; Trendyol is a marketplace that manages most of Turkey’s e-commerce volume.

Grow Your Brand

Adapte Digital is a digital media agency that manages from software to after sales service. So it grows your brand. We wrote the title of Grow your brand among Trendyol advantages and talked about ourselves. The reason is this; Trendyol store is one of the channels we use most in brand growth. Product trials, efforts to increase brand awareness bring very good results by using Trendyol next to our own site or areas. Trendyol is not a very profitable field, but it is a good accelerator and awareness-raising channel.

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Increase Your Sales

Learn E-Commerce

Trendyol merchandising channel can be a good E-commerce learner for you. You should definitely cultivate your own field by applying what you have learned on Trendyol on your own site. If you do not develop your own e-commerce site, you will not be able to exist in many areas.

How to Open a Store in Trendyol?

In order to open a Trendyol store, you must first be a taxpayer. Throughout our article, we addressed businesses, brands and workplaces. It is necessary for those who do not have a company establishment or tax liability to establish a capital or sole proprietorship. Because documenting their sales, they cannot send products to their customers without an invoice.

People who say they want to open a store in Trendyol will complete the first step of opening a store in Trendyol by opening one of the sole proprietorships, limited liability companies and joint stock companies according to their business volume plan.

What is Required to Open a Trendyol Store?

• Name surname
• Mobile phones
• E-mail address
• The Product Category You Will Sell
• Your Company Type
• TR Identity Number or Tax Number (T.C Identity Number for Individual Companies, Tax Number for Joint Stock and Limited Companies)
• Province and District Information
• Reference Code (It is not mandatory to fill in.)

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