Fix directions for your business on Google Maps

If directions for your business are incorrect on Google Maps, you can report them to Google. Accurate directions help customers find and reach your location.

To report incorrect directions:

1.Using a desktop computer, ask for directions on Google Maps and choose the route with wrong directions. (You can only report wrong directions using a desktop computer.)

Report incorrect driving directions screenshot 1

2.Click the Send feedback option in the lower right corner of the window.

3.Click Flag for incorrect Maps directions icon the flag icon next to the wrong step.

Report incorrect driving directions screenshot 2

4.You will be prompted to indicate what the problem is in the step you marked. Choose an option:

• The path name is incorrect
• I cannot return because the road is closed
• I can’t turn because the road is one way in the opposite direction
• I cannot turn because the road is restricted
• Other issues with this step

5.Add a note if you want. Then click Submit.

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