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Why Should You Prefer Adapte Digital and Its Packages?

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Honest and Reliable

Adapte Digital has only one strategy: Being Honest and Reliable. Every package has been planned with this strategy and our experience. Decide on the speed you want to achieve the result, and make your choice with peace of mind.

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Its essence is one. Every job item in the package is planned with tasks that will really work for you. It is planned according to the needs of your business and purpose, and every work is done and shared with you by the developer.

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Result oriented

Website packages focus on the result you want to achieve. The desired results are determined and the package is applied to your site. By following the development process, mistakes are corrected and results are achieved.

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Budget and Earnings Balance

We receive visits and provide the balance so that your budget invested in website packages will turn into you immediately. Efforts are made to ensure that the investment transforms as quickly as possible. Let's choose your package.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is the digital transformation work where all the content and designs are made in accordance with the needs with all the basic features that should be. These are the works that turn from design to advertisement.

We have divided our website packages according to their speed. We’ve added the basics that should be on a website to all of them and customized them with prices in line with their conversion speed.

The website implemented with our packages will be published between 14 days and 21 days. The difference between the so-called ready-made sites and the so-called immediate broadcasts is that Adapte Digital carries out the content and customer-oriented works.

Adapte Digital enters all page content and content including the marketing package. Contents are SEO and customer compatible.

Quotas and limitations are used a lot in deception-oriented marketing by saying “unlimited”. Adapte Digital packages are tailored to the visit. The quota limit is increased free of charge by us as your visits increase, but a fee is charged when you have as many visits as Google.

Our planned work, which starts with the installation of your website, continues until publication. Our support continues to meet your demands outside of the times we give in the package. We are with you to bring your business and satisfaction to the best point.

Adapte Digital website packages are the provision of all services that will be more useful and result in faster and more content than the packages offered as ready-made packages. This is a huge difference, an innovative and self-sacrificing approach.

Yes. We offer you our professional packages for both training support and professional management so that you can manage your website.

It has the basis that your website can be published in foreign languages. It can even be broadcast in languages that operate from right to left, such as Arabic.

Your website is 100% SEO compatible. SEO Optimization is done by Adapte Digital in our website packages.

Adapte Digital realizes the web site design suitable for every screen. It designs your website for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Security updates of your website are made regularly by Adapte Digital.

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