What is a Video Article and How to Make It? 1

What is a Video Article and How to Make It?

A video article is to present an opinion on a certain topic in various media in the form of a video instead of writing it to defend and prove an idea. The video article is published as a video on your site, on sites, on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and in different channels of the internet.

With the video article, topics can be put forward to clarify any truth, to put forward opinions and theses on a subject, and to defend and support a hypothesis.

Video is an excellent way to express and promote information, feelings and thoughts. The videos you produce and share can reach large audiences with many people very quickly. Video article is a very effective way of mass communication.

Video article content should definitely include;
• Subject and description of the video
• Explanations that answer the question of evidence, method, and how
• Solution, suggestion and conclusion

How to Make a Video Article?
The fact that a tool for video article has been developed nowadays provides convenience. You can easily make your own videos with affordable video editing programs that you can download to your phone. Phone, tripod and software can help you do this job easily. If you want to appeal to large audiences in order to reach results more professionally and quickly, you can take advantage of our Digital Media Agency feature.

You can see our video article examples from our founder Gürbüz Özdem videos.

Video articles lasting between 25 minutes and an hour are also becoming popular. In video articles, creators talk at length on topics as diverse as history, science, fashion, and philosophy.

Producers who added long videos to their content saw more viewer engagement on their channels. With video articles, the creator has more possibilities to tell the whole story from all angles. Advances in video editing technology and accessibility ensure that production values are often surprisingly high quality.

Don’t be afraid to stray from public content and delve into areas of expertise, ensuring your business, brand, and what you have to say catch the attention of trusted experts on YouTube. You will be amazed at how large and engaged audiences can be formed in areas of expertise.

In the video article, you can inform by just appearing and speaking, or you can use it in impressive visuals, sounds and effects. By working with a video content production company/agency, you can create very impressive video content.

With recording equipment, good content, and clear and concise speech, you can produce very good video articles.

What are the Video Article Types?
You can produce video articles under many titles. Since we have programmed that we will constantly improve our writing, let’s start with the first ones in order.

Video Articles on History
History is a subject that never fails to attract the attention of people in many age groups. When informative articles on historical events are presented in video form, they become informative and contributing resources.

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