What is Seo for Corporate Companies? How is it done?

Every company knows that investing in seo (search engine optimization) is the best move in digital marketing. Thanks to rapid advances in the digital landscape, businesses have more opportunities to engage their loyal and potential customers.

However, because the digital environment is so dynamic, strategies that worked yesterday may hinder your progress tomorrow. The same is true for businesses of different sizes. What works for a local company doesn’t work so well for a corporate-level company.

When talking about good corporate seo strategies, we should think a little differently and evaluate our resources differently.

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What is Corporate Seo?

You may have heard of search engine optimization for local businesses, but corporate companies? What does it require? What are the differences?

The first thing you need to know about corporate seo is that it should only be used for businesses large enough to qualify as “enterprise level” otherwise you’ll just waste time. To make an seo strategy work at such a large scale, you need a well-adjusted plan that you need to execute properly and be ready for ongoing campaigns. You also need to monitor search results and performance across all your locations, create content and market your products accordingly.

All this can be a daunting task without a proper plan and strategy.

What is the diffrence?

The things mentioned above still seem like normal seo, right? Both local and enterprise optimization work towards the same end results, which improves their online presence and gains more customers.

However, corporate business is a little different.

You have to manage more pages and content – the latter can sometimes be in different languages.

Teamwork maybe you only need one person to do the job, but since you’re at the enterprise level, it’s better to have a team of seo experts with specific roles.

The Best Strategy for Successful Corporate Seo

Team work

As we mentioned earlier, having a good seo team is crucial for proper strategy execution. More than two million searches are made on Google every minute, new algorithms come and go, and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all these changes. However, having a well-prepared team means many of these constant changes can be handled and can help you generate more organic traffic.

For corporate seo, you need a team of individuals who take care of different optimization-related tasks and are always up to date with the latest trends and upcoming changes.

Google makes changes all the time and your seo team should be familiar with these changes.

Doing Different Missions to Achieve the Same Goal

Each team member should have a specific role in the team. Some link, others create content, design your website or take on social media posts. It is important that they know their role and perform their duties correctly.

Even though team members have different tasks assigned to them, they need to know that they are always working towards the same goal (improving rankings, leads, organic traffic, and most importantly, the number of customers).

To achieve this, good communication and cooperation must be established between team members and other departments. Losing valuable information can break even the best seo strategy, so having a clear line of communication is extremely important.

The Importance of Link Building and Internal Linking

If you run a large site, your site will have top authority when you manage to generate quality backlinks. That’s a good thing, but link building doesn’t end there. No matter how many backlinks you have, it’s important to keep building backlinks as you launch your pages.

Content Matters

There is no such thing as too much content. Content will still be one of the most valuable things when it comes to rankings.

In the corporate company, hiring a qualified writer is the best option if you’re creating content on a much larger scale. Also, your visitors and customers are your focus, and your posts should appeal to them above all else.


You can also improve organic traffic by re-optimizing your existing pages. It may seem tedious (especially if you have to rewrite a large amount of content), but sometimes it’s better to add more keywords to old content than to create new posts. If your company is already quite familiar, re-optimization can increase this. This is an effective strategy that can be handled with a few simple tweaks. It may waste time, but it gives good results.


You can increase your sales with the right keywords. As a corporate company with an authority website, competitive keywords are at hand and can lead to immediate growth.

You can also increase your competitiveness by analyzing your competitors’ keywords. If they have started to stand out in the rankings, they may have started using different keywords. Visit websites and analyze their content, focusing on the keywords that make them rank high.

Now apply them to your strategy and wait for the results.

Get Ready to Follow

Be patient with results, seo shows results slowly. For a business-level company, this could even be between 6 and 12 months.

On the other hand, be sure to monitor your performance regularly. That way, you can see where you can improve your rankings, how you can take advantage of opportunities, or what mistakes you can fix.

It’s also crucial to monitor the metrics that are important to your current campaigns. Track organic traffic while your goal is to build brand awareness. After you improve sales, you pay attention to your conversion rates.

Analyze And Classify Results

Add up the numbers obtained and see if they helped you achieve your goal. If your answer is yes, keep doing what you are doing. If not, continue editing.

After reviewing the numbers, create a report to see a summary of your work. You can also use the report you prepared as a link or as a reference for future campaigns.


Apart from growing your business, corporate seo also has a few hidden benefits. One of them is that you have well-organized websites.

• Corporate seo helps manage local searches and ignore performance on the same platform.
• An optimized website creates more authority and improves performance.


We can say that with a proper seo strategy, corporate companies will benefit much more than they initially thought. A well optimized site, easier local marketing, increase in organic traffic, leads can be achieved with these simple steps we mentioned above.

Whether you create your in-house seo team or choose to hire a professional agency for you, we can say that you will do your company a great favor with the best strategy.

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