How Should Corporate Brands Work on Twitter?

Twitter is the place where people and institutions share what they are doing, how they feel, and their thoughts in a short article. Twitter, which is used by more people, started to be used in corporate companies when social media marketing exploded.

How Can You Become a Brand on Twitter?

As soon as your followers enter your page, you should create a perception about your brand. You should use the symbol of your brand as a background. Of course, the image you use in the background and the image you use on the cover should be different. It is useful to use the product and logos separately. In this way, the person who visits your page has an opinion about you in the first 10 seconds.

When creating your username, you must create a single name and use that name in all social media. Avoid abbreviated names because people will call you directly with your brand.

Share a lot

You should include posts, announcements and campaigns that will benefit and inform your followers, of course, keep the 280 character limit in mind. Include your website and blog in your posts.

Keep up to date

Instead of making 10 posts at a time, divide your posts over time. In short, show your followers that you are active.

How Should Corporate Brands Work on Twitter? 1
Twitter Followers

Reply to Your Followers

Respond to every criticism, positive or negative, that your followers write about you. If you are wrong, correct your mistake. Be sure to reply to the people who mention you on Twitter, and the follower who does not get a response thinks that you are not cared about and loses their trust in your brand.

Offer Deals

You need to find a reason for your customers to follow you. Give them an opportunity to follow your brand on Twitter.

Don’t Argue With Your Follower

Regardless of the subject, even if you are right, do not argue with your followers on twitter, because your other followers will also see this discussion.

Increase Your Communication, Not Your Followers

Of course, it is good to have a large number of followers, but if you do not have followers for your brand, the number does not matter much. Therefore, your goal is not only to increase followers, but also to communicate with your customers who can be your customers.

The close relationship you will establish on Twitter will increase the satisfaction of your regular customers and will bring you new customers.

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