How Will 2020 Social Media Marketing Be Managed?

The future of something changing as quickly as social media marketing can be difficult to predict. But if you look at today’s trends, you start to see the signs.

Social commerce is one of the hottest trends in social media today, and it looks like it will have an even bigger impact in 2020.

Read on to learn what social commerce is, what it looks like, and how you can make the most of this challenging channel to push your brand and business further.

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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is selling products directly on social media platforms.

This is different from marketing that drives the user from social media to a website or online store. In social media marketing, the store – the entire shopping experience – happens before the customer leaves the social media site.

How is Social Media Marketing Done?

1) Start with Quality Content

Social media marketing goes hand in hand with shared content. You can think of quality content as one of the building blocks of a healthy and interactive online marketing campaign.

Take care to have quality content on your blog or website.

2) Use Videos

Incorporating videos in social media marketing is an important option. Three out of four businesses that use video content said it helped them increase their sales.

3) Use Email Marketing

Send a message to the people on your e-mail list and let them know that they can follow you on social media.

4) Use Facebook

There can be no social media marketing without Facebook. About 60% of consumers are driven by social media to buy something. Facebook represents 44% of this.

5) Open Live Streams

As you know, it is now possible to broadcast live on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Thanks to the live broadcast, you have real interaction with the people who follow you. You also get a great chance to tell your audience about your brand and answer their questions.

6) Reuse Your Old Posts

If your old posts are too many, not everyone will be able to see them. So make sure that new people see you by re-sharing those posts.

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