Digital Marketing Consultancy Package

Take your business to the top with the Digital Marketing Consultancy Package! ­čĺ╝

Today, the digital world is becoming more and more important and businesses need to effectively manage their digital assets to be successful. This is where we come in! We offer you a professional Digital Marketing Consultancy Package to help you create a successful digital marketing strategy.

With this package, you can significantly increase your sales and revenue by increasing the online visibility of your business and your customer base. Our package includes strategy, planning and implementation services tailored to the needs of your business.

The main services offered by the package are:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): By helping your business rank higher in organic search results, we help potential customers find you more easily.
Social Media Management: By effectively managing the social media accounts of your business, we increase brand awareness and ensure customer loyalty.
Content Marketing: We produce quality content that will help you engage and build trust with your audience.
Ad Management: We ensure that your business reaches large audiences by using online advertising channels such as Google Ads and social media ads.
Email Marketing: We organize effective email marketing campaigns that strengthen customer relationships and increase sales.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Contact us now to help your business succeed in digital marketing. Carry your business to the future with the Digital Marketing Consultancy Package! ­čÜÇ

  • Digital Marketing Consultancy Package

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      Digital Marketing Consultancy Package

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      To be successful in today’s competitive business environment, a strong presence in the digital world is essential. This is where the Digital Marketing Consultancy Package comes into play. This special package offers a complete strategy to make your brand noticeable in the digital world and increase your sales.

      What’s in our package?

      1-5Digital Marketing StrategyMarket analysis, target audience determination, definition of targets, channel selection, budget planning
      6-8Competitor analysisEvaluation of competitors’ online presence, digital marketing strategies, strengths and weaknesses
      9-11Website OptimizationPage speed improvement, user experience design, SEO compatible content and configuration
      12-14Keyword and SEO ResearchIdentifying target keywords, content strategy and technical SEO optimization
      15-18Social media managementSetting up and optimizing social media accounts, content calendar and posting strategy
      19-21Email MarketingEmail list creation, automation setup, email design and content strategy
      22-24Content MarketingCreating blog and web page content, planning visual and video content
      25-27Google Ads CampaignsAdvertising strategy, targeting, keyword selection, ad copy and budget management
      28-30Facebook AdvertisingAdvertising strategy, targeting, ad formats, preparation of text and visual content, budget management

      These 30 usage business programs detail the services and processes offered under the Digital Marketing Consulting Package.

      ÔťôComprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy: Customized strategies developed through key channels such as social media, content marketing, email marketing and SEO to impress your audience.

      Ôťô Competitor analysis: An in-depth analysis to help you understand what your competitors are doing in the digital world and how you can stand out.

      Ôťô Website Optimization:Improving your site’s design, speed and SEO performance to increase user experience and conversion rates.

      Ôťô Social Media Management: Maximize your brand awareness and interaction by increasing the number of followers with impressive and shareable content.

      Ôťô Google Ads and Facebook Advertising: Reach potential customers quickly and effectively with targeted and eye-catching advertising campaigns.

      Thanks to the Digital Marketing Consultancy Package, your business will grow rapidly by benefiting from the power of digital marketing and achieve its leading position in the industry. Act now and achieve the success you deserve in the digital world!

      We are experts in many areas such as making your website more attractive, optimizing SEO, managing your social media accounts and optimizing your Google ads. By determining the most suitable strategies for your business, we can help you achieve your goals.

      Many businesses struggle to maintain their presence in the digital world due to the high costs of digital marketing strategies. As Adapte Digital, we offer you digital marketing consultancy at the best price. We can offer you the most appropriate pricing for your business by offering you tailor-made solutions.

      By investing in the digital presence of your business, you can contribute to the growth of your business. As Adapte Digital, we help you make a difference by determining the most suitable digital marketing strategies for your business.

      You can visit our website to get more information about Digital Marketing Consultancy offered by Adapte Digital and to contact us.

      The Digital Marketing Consultancy Package can provide you with many possibilities. Developing the right culture, improving digital skills, encouraging new ways of working, and having the right technology foundations are essential in order to be successful in digital. A digital marketing consultant can provide you with this. At the core of a digital business should be the ability to embrace agility, that is, the ability to change with the environment in which the company operates.

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      Being a digital business is an organization-wide phenomenon and requires expertise in adapting to constant change, where adaptability and continuous learning are natural to both leaders and employees. Companies that cannot adapt will not survive.

      With Adapte Digital solution partnership, we help you choose your path, start small and find what works for you.


      What Can Digital Marketing Consulting Provide You?

      Digital marketing consulting can provide you with:

      1. Reaching the target audience: The digital marketing consultant determines your target audience and chooses the most appropriate digital marketing strategies and channels that will affect them.
      2. Increasing brand awareness: Digital marketing consultant increases brand awareness by using various digital channels to promote your brand.
      3. Increase sales: A digital marketing consultant increases sales by offering products and services that meet the needs and desires of your target audience.
      4. Developing customer relationships: A digital marketing consultant uses various digital channels to improve customer relationships, allowing you to quickly and effectively resolve customer feedback and problems.
      5. Measuring and optimizing the effectiveness of marketing expenditures: The digital marketing consultant measures and optimizes the effectiveness of marketing expenditures using data analytics and digital tracking methods.

      Our Consultants in Our Digital Marketing Consultancy Agency

      Digital marketing consultant at Adapte Digital, an agency that provides digital marketing consultancy:

      1. Understands the target audience well: Our consultant understands your target audience well and develops digital marketing strategies that suit their needs and desires.
      2. Monitoring digital marketing trends and technologies: Our consultant constantly monitors digital marketing trends and technologies and uses these trends and technologies in your strategies.
      3. Using data analytics and digital tracking methods: Our consultant should measure and optimize the effectiveness of marketing spend using data analytics and digital tracking methods.
      4. Customer-oriented work: Our consultant should work customer-oriented and can quickly and effectively resolve customer feedback and problems.
      5. Being open and honest: Our consultant should be in constant communication with your business and be open and honest about your business’s marketing goals and budget.

      Digital marketing consulting is a service that provides consulting services for a business to plan, implement and analyze its digital marketing activities. The digital marketing consultant determines the digital marketing goals of the business, determines the most effective ways to reach the target audience and analyzes the results of the digital marketing activities of the business.

      You can watch the videos of our founder┬áG├╝rb├╝z ├ľzdem.

      What Does the Digital Marketing Consultancy Package Offer?

      The digital marketing consultancy package allows a business to receive professional assistance in developing, implementing and managing a digital marketing strategy. These packages can often offer:

      1. Market Research: It can help you determine your digital marketing strategy by researching your business’s target market and competition.
      2. Web Site Analysis: Analyzing the current web site of your business and presenting deficiencies and improvement suggestions.
      3. SEO Optimization: By performing search engine optimization (SEO) for the website, it enables you to rank higher in the search results and generate organic traffic.
      4. Social Media Management: By managing your social media accounts, it can assist you in developing a social media strategy, increasing organic followers, advertising and reporting.
      5. Ad Management: It can support you in the process of planning, creating and managing your digital ads. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads etc.
      6. Email Marketing: It can provide consultancy services on creating, managing and reporting email marketing campaigns.
      7. Analysis and Reporting: By analyzing the effectiveness of your digital marketing activities, it can report and offer improvement suggestions.
      8. Training and Consulting: They can also offer training and consultancy services to develop and execute your business’ digital marketing strategy.

      These services can be customized to your business needs and goals and offered in a variety of packages.

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