E-Commerce Site Installation and Design Services Package

We offer the E-Commerce Site Setup and Design Services Package! If you want to lead your business to success in the digital world, you are in the right place. With this package, create your e-commerce site in the most effective and modern way and give your customers an unforgettable shopping experience.

ÔťĘ Professional Design: Tired of repulsive and ordinary designs? Strengthen the image of your business with stylish and user-friendly designs suitable for your purpose.

­čŤá´ŞĆ Quick Setup: Time is precious to you! Accelerate your business with a practical and effective setup process that enables your business to make a rapid transition to the online world.

­čô▒ Mobile Compatibility: Today, a significant part of shopping takes place via mobile devices. Therefore, your e-commerce site will be designed as mobile-friendly.

­čĺí SEO Friendly: Increase your competitive power with search engine optimization (SEO), which will enable your e-commerce site to rank higher in Google and other search engines.

­čÜÇ Training and Support: With our package, you learn the knowledge needed to manage and update your e-commerce site. We are with you for the success of your business with our continuous support and training service.

To be successful in the e-commerce world, choose the E-Commerce Site Setup and Design Services Package now. Have a professional and impressive e-commerce site that will take your business to the top!

  • E-Commerce Site Installation and Design Services Package

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      E-Commerce Site Installation and Design Services Package

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      G├╝venli Al─▒┼čveri┼čTrust
      1. ─░htiya├ž AnaliziM├╝┼čterinin ihtiya├žlar─▒n─▒ belirlemek ve proje hedeflerini saptamak i├žin yap─▒lan g├Âr├╝┼čmeler ve analizler.4 saat
      2. Tasar─▒mKullan─▒c─▒ dostu ve estetik bir tasar─▒m olu┼čturmak i├žin yap─▒lan ├žal─▒┼čmalar.8 saat
      3. Geli┼čtirmeE-ticaret sitesinin temel i┼člevlerini ve ├Âzelliklerini geli┼čtirmek i├žin yap─▒lan yaz─▒l─▒m ├žal─▒┼čmalar─▒.10 saat
      4. Mobil UyumlulukSitenin mobil uyumlu hale getirilmesi ve mobil cihazlar i├žin optimize edilmesi.2 saat
      5. SEO OptimizasyonuE-ticaret sitesinin arama motorlar─▒nda ├╝st s─▒ralarda yer almas─▒ i├žin yap─▒lan SEO ├žal─▒┼čmalar─▒.3 saat
      6. Test ve RevizyonSitenin i┼člevlerini, h─▒z─▒n─▒ ve g├╝venli─čini test etmek ve gerekti─činde d├╝zeltmeler yapmak.2 saat
      7. E─čitim ve DestekM├╝┼čterinin e-ticaret sitesini y├Ânetebilmesi i├žin verilen e─čitim ve destek hizmetleri.1 saat
      Toplam30 saat

      In this table, the features and durations of the 30-hour work program are presented in detail. Important parts are written in bold and italics.

      Important Topics for E-Commerce Site Setup and Design
      User-Friendly Design: Providing an easy and pleasant use of the e-commerce site for the visitors.
      Mobile Compatibility: The site runs smoothly on all devices and is optimized for mobile devices.
      Fast and Secure Infrastructure: High site loading speed and providing a secure shopping experience.
      SEO Optimization: Attracting more visitors and potential customers by ranking high in search engines.
      Customizability: An e-commerce site that can be customized according to the needs and preferences of the business.
      Integrations: To meet the expectations of users by providing integration with popular payment and cargo systems.
      Training and Support: Continuous support where you can get the necessary information about managing and updating the e-commerce site.
      Social Media Integration: Reaching wider audiences by integrating social media accounts with the e-commerce site.
      Product Management: Easy to add, remove and update products.
      Reporting and Analysis: Measuring the success of the business and making improvements by examining sales, visitor and performance data.

      These topics are the features that e-commerce site seekers will care about and consider.

      Professional Design, Quick Installation

      Professional Design, Quick Installation: Are you ready to make your business stand out in the digital world? Give your customers the best experience on your e-commerce site by making a quick start with user-friendly and stylish designs.

      The foundation of a good e-commerce site is based on eye-catching and professional design. Increase your customer potential with customizable designs that reflect the identity of your business and impress your visitors. Make navigation on your site easy and enjoyable by prioritizing user experience.

      Time is valuable for any business. That’s why we guarantee a fast installation process with our package. Accelerate your business and gain an edge over your competitors with our practical and effective setup process to help your business build an impressive presence online.

      To be successful in the e-commerce world, realize the digital transformation of your business by taking advantage of Professional Design, Quick Installation. Increase your sales by maximizing customer satisfaction and take your business to the top.

      Temel Web Sitesi Tasar─▒m─▒Kullan─▒c─▒ dostu ve mobil uyumlu tasar─▒m1 adet
      E-ticaret Platformu KurulumuPop├╝ler ve g├╝venilir bir platform ├╝zerinde kurulum ve yap─▒land─▒rma1 adet
      ├ťr├╝n Kategorileri ve Sayfalar─▒S─▒n─▒rl─▒ say─▒da ├╝r├╝n kategorisi ve ├╝r├╝n sayfas─▒ olu┼čturma10 kategori, 50 ├╝r├╝n
      ├ľdeme ve Kargo Entegrasyonlar─▒Temel ├Âdeme y├Ântemleri ve pop├╝ler kargo ┼čirketleri ile entegrasyon2 ├Âdeme, 2 kargo
      SSL Sertifikas─▒Web sitesi g├╝venli─či ve m├╝┼čteri bilgilerinin korunmas─▒ i├žin SSL sertifikas─▒ kurulumu1 adet
      Basit SEO Uygulamalar─▒Temel d├╝zeyde SEO optimizasyonuAna sayfa + 5 sayfa
      Sosyal Medya EntegrasyonuSosyal medya hesaplar─▒n─▒n web sitenizle entegrasyonu3 adet
      Kullan─▒c─▒ Y├Ânetimi ve ─░leti┼čim Formlar─▒M├╝┼čteri hesaplar─▒, sipari┼č takibi ve ileti┼čim formu altyap─▒s─▒1 adet (her biri)
      Temel ─░statistik ve RaporlamaWeb sitesi ziyaret├ži istatistikleri ve sat─▒┼č raporlar─▒ i├žin gerekli ara├žlar─▒n entegrasyonu1 adet
      Teknik DestekTemel d├╝zeyde teknik destek hizmeti─░lk 30 g├╝n

      The cost of establishing an e-commerce site and the design of an e-commerce site are now meeting with you at affordable prices. We provide a fast, easy and efficient e-commerce site setup to grow your business and increase your sales volume. Our design is user-friendly and SEO-friendly, so you’ll rank high in search engines while optimizing your customers’ shopping experience.

      SEO work for e-commerce sites helps you attract more buyers and sellers by making your website stand out in search engines. We support the growth of your business at the wholesaler and retailer level by using fast, reliable and the best SEO techniques.

      Customer loyalty is vital to the success of your business. That’s why we prioritize customer satisfaction with important components in our e-commerce package, such as the return policy page and the payment terms page. The return policy page and payment terms page will help you increase customer loyalty by making your buyers feel safe.

      With the E-Commerce Site Setup and Design Services Package, you will have a fast, easy and reliable e-commerce site, and you will benefit from the best SEO practices and user-friendly design with a cost-effective solution. Get ready to grow your business and step into a successful e-commerce world!

      What is the total cost of e-commerce site setup and design?

      The total cost of e-commerce site setup and design will vary depending on the platform you choose, the level of customization, and additional services. Starter packages are generally more cost-effective, and the cost increases as features and services increase. You can contact us for detailed information and price offer.

      How long will the project take to complete?

      Project completion time will vary depending on the e-commerce platform you choose, the complexity of the design, and customization needs. An average project can take between 4-8 weeks to complete. You can contact us to speed up the project process and get a precise time frame.

      What is the customizability level of your e-commerce site?

      The customizability level of our e-commerce site is quite high. In addition to basic features such as design, color scheme, product pages, payment and shipping integrations, we can add additional modules and functions according to your business needs. We will work with you to provide you with a tailored solution to meet the needs of your business.

      What are the advantages of Web Design and Digital Marketing Package for E-Commerce?

      The advantages of web design and digital marketing packages for e-commerce help businesses reach wider audiences and grow by increasing their online sales. Here are some benefits of these packages:

      Integrated Approach: These packages combine web design and digital marketing strategies and offer all the services that businesses need in a single package. This saves time and cost.
      Optimized Website: Websites specially designed for e-commerce are equipped with user-friendly interfaces, fast loading times and features that facilitate the shopping process. This increases the likelihood of customers staying on your site longer and making a purchase.
      Mobile Compatibility: E-commerce websites are optimized for mobile devices, reaching a wider audience and allowing users to shop on any device.
      SEO and SEM Strategies: Packages include SEO and SEM strategies that will help your website achieve higher rankings in search engines and drive organic traffic.
      Social Media Marketing: An effective presence on social media platforms allows businesses to increase brand awareness and reach potential customers. The packages offer social media management and advertising services.
      Email Marketing: Email marketing campaigns increase customer loyalty and stimulate sales by offering special offers and promotions to customers.
      Analysis and Reporting: The packages offer analytical tools and reports to monitor and analyze the performance of website and marketing campaigns. This helps businesses continually optimize their strategy and grow.
      Low Maintenance Cost: The use of web design and digital marketing packages for e-commerce reduces the costs of businesses by reducing the maintenance costs of website and marketing efforts.
      Scalability: Web design and digital marketing packages for e-commerce are expandable and adaptable as your business grows and needs change. This supports the growth and development of your business while providing appropriate services at any stage it needs.
      Conversion-Oriented Strategies: Web design and digital marketing packages for e-commerce include strategies that focus on converting users into customers. This helps you generate more sales and revenue by increasing your site’s conversion rates.

      In summary, the advantages of web design and digital marketing packages for e-commerce allow businesses to strengthen their online presence, reach wider audiences and increase sales. These packages offer all the services and features businesses need to support their continued growth and stay competitive.


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