KVKK (GPDR) Consultancy

We offer KVKK Consultancy service! In today’s digital world, the protection of personal data has become more important than ever. Businesses have to ensure personal data security and fully comply with the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK). It is a good idea to get professional help for this.

This is where we come into play. With our professional KVKK Consultancy service, we help businesses ensure personal data security and fully comply with KVKK.

We serve you with our experienced team in ensuring personal data security, creating a structure that is compatible with KVKK and managing the risks that may arise in this area.

While managing your KVKK compliance processes, we will be with you from the application processes and provide the necessary support to ensure full compliance of all processes with KVKK. We will ensure that you understand the obligations of the data controller and the rights of the data owners, and we will help you to ensure compliance with the KVKK in the most effective way.

In short, if you want to fully comply with KVKK, increase personal data security and reassure your customers who are concerned about this issue, we recommend you to evaluate our professional KVKK Consultancy service.

Contact us now and get more information about our KVKK Consultancy service!

  • KVKK (GPDR) Consultancy

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      KVKK (GPDR) Consultancy

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      Time Event Description
      1-5 Hours Preparation of Data Inventory We list all the personal data processing activities of your business and determine the processing purposes, legal reasons, with whom it is shared and how it is protected.
      6-10 Hours KVKK Compliance Evaluation We analyze your current processes, policies and systems in detail in terms of compliance with KVKK.
      11-15 Hours Risk Analysis and Improvement Suggestions We identify the risks in your business’s personal data processing activities and make suggestions to reduce these risks.
      16-20 Hours of Training We organize a training program that will raise awareness of all employees of your business on KVKK and personal data security.
      21-25 Hours Internal Audit We perform internal audits to check the compliance of the implemented measures and processes with KVKK and to identify improvement needs.
      26-30 Hours Updating Internal Policies and Procedures We update the policies and procedures necessary to comply with the KVKK.
      Of course, this business plan can be customized with your business needs and current situation in mind. Our main goal is always to ensure full compliance of your business with KVKK and to increase personal data security.

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