PRESTO · Digital Consulting Package

🎉 Experience Adapte Digital’s PRESTO Digital Consulting Package for a fast, intense and effective digital transformation! 🚀

💼 Adapte Digital helps you in the digital world by providing solutions suitable for the needs of your business. With us you can choose from 5 types of packages increasing in speed and intensity: Adagio, Andante, Moderato, Allegro and the fastest and most intense PRESTO!

🌐 Our PRESTO package helps your business Web & It provides solutions to App Production, Development and Management needs during 11 VNIS (Efficient Net Business Hours). We are here to make your website and app effective and functional!

📝 We also provide services on Content Production and Management of your business in 29 VNIS. We offer a strategy that will engrave your brand into the hearts of the masses with quality and impressive content!

🔍 We respond to your SEO, SEM) Management needs with 23 VNIs, we work for your business to rank higher in search engines and gain more visibility!

📊 The PRESTO Package also meets your business needs in the field of Digital Media and Marketing for 29 VNIs. We support you to become a shining brand in the digital world!

👥 We offer 13 VNS services on Social Media Management so that we can improve your social media strategy. Determine the ideal social media strategies to reach your brand to large audiences!

🛍 With our Marketplace and Sales Channels Management service, we help you increase your online sales during 4 VNIs. We are here to increase the revenues of your business by optimizing your sales channels!

📞 Mass Communication and Customer Management, Data Analysis and Management, Digital Consulting, Digital Audit and Digital Transformation & We work with you for a total of 19 VNIs with our IT services.

Adapte Digital with PRESTO Digital Consulting Package offers all the digital services your business needs. We work with you to help your business become a bright star in the digital world! 🌟

Note: The hours specified in this text are referred to as “Effective Net Business Hours” (VNIS) and mean that working hours are fully efficient and productive.

  • PRESTO · Digital Consulting Package

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      PRESTO · Digital Consulting Package

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      PRESTO · Digital Consulting Service

      With the PRESTO Digital Consulting service offered by Adapte Digital, businesses can achieve a range of different goals and results. Here are some of those goals and outcomes:

      1. Digital Asset Development and Management: By keeping your website and applications constantly up-to-date and performing, you can improve the user experience and drive more traffic.
      2. Content Strategy and Management: With impressive and quality content, you can increase your brand awareness, expand your target audience and improve your customer interactions.
      3. SEO/SEM Management: By achieving a higher position in search engine rankings, you can reach a wider audience and increase the visibility of your website.
      4. Digital Media and Marketing: With effective digital marketing strategies, you can expand your brand’s online presence, reach a wider audience and increase sales.
      5. Social Media Management: With strong social media strategies, you can increase your brand awareness, increase interaction with the target audience and build brand loyalty.
      6. Marketplace and Sales Channels Management: By optimizing your online sales channels, you can increase sales and increase your income.
      7. Customer Communication and Management: By improving your customer relations, you can increase customer satisfaction and improve customer loyalty.
      8. Data Analysis and Management: By effectively analyzing your business data, you can make informed business decisions and improve your business performance.
      9. Digital Consulting, Audit and Transformation: You can develop strategies to be more competitive in the digital space, control your digital operations and manage an effective digital transformation process.

      As a result, the PRESTO Digital Consulting Package can help businesses achieve a strong position in the digital world, increase brand awareness, improve customer relationships and most importantly, achieve business goals.

      Quests and Team

      1Web & App Production, Development and Management11
      2Content Production and Management29
      3Listing (SEO, SEM) Management23
      4Digital Media and Marketing29
      5Social Media Management13
      6Marketplace and Sales Channels Management4
      7Mass Media and Customer Management4
      8Data Analysis and Management4
      9Digital Consulting5
      10Digital Control3
      11Digital Conversion & IT3
      3Expert (Expert)19
      4Assistant Specialist31
      5Senior Master (Senior)29
      6Senior Assistant (Mid-Level Senior)19
      7Apprentice (Junior)6
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