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Digitalize Your Menu · Qr Menu

Moving your menu to the digital world with the QR menu is not as complicated and difficult as you think. With the introduction of the corona virus into our lives, we met with many innovations.

After the pandemic, restaurants and cafes changed their menus, as in almost every area.

Many restaurants and cafes that come across with the Qr menu system talk about the convenience they experience, and they talk about it everywhere.

What is QR Menu?

The QR menu system is a system that allows your customers to read the QR code and navigate your menu with the help of their phones or tablets.

With a page that opens automatically on their phones after the QR code is read, your customers have the opportunity to see your entire menu digitally, not physically.

We can think that it is one of the measures taken to prevent areas from being touched in the post-pandemic period.

Banks and other technology systems had switched to the QR code system in many areas to make our lives easier in the pre-pandemic period.

QR Menu for Restaurants and Cafes

Making QR menus for restaurants and cafes saves many extra costs. Consider a restaurant with a crowded menu. He has to prepare a menu consisting of many pages for meat, fish, chicken, desserts, coffees, teas and drinks.

The QR code system saves restaurants and cafes from menu printing.

Since there is no pressure, you can add a new food to your menu at any time or remove the food you want to remove easily.

QR Menu

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