What is market research?

Market research is the process of discovering potential customers and new market opportunities before a product or service is introduced to the market. This process helps companies understand domestic and international markets, while also allowing them to obtain information about current and potential rival companies. /p>

🔹 What is market research? In summary, it is a process that analyzes the current situation of the market, consumer needs and the competitive environment.

🔹 How is market research done? It requires a detailed research process conducted via the Internet, surveys, observations and interviews.

🔹 The difference between foreign market research and domestic market research depends on whether the area of focus is local or international.

Before companies start their international export activities, they need to have information about the culture, economy and consumer habits of the targeted country. This information is needed to effectively carry out foreign marketing and foreign trade activities. Additionally, when a company is exploring new market opportunities, it may also resort to options such as free market research.

🔹 During the market entry process, it is essential to identify potential gaps and opportunities in the industry using sample market research.

Why is it so important? Market research helps companies reduce risks, evaluate opportunities and determine the right marketing strategies. Why is it important? Because strategic decisions based on accurate information allow companies to achieve sustainable success. In addition, official institutions such as the Ministry of Economy also provide support in this regard and encourage companies to open up to foreign markets.

🔹 Another advantage for market research companies and companies is the opportunity to offer products and services that are closer to the real needs and expectations of consumers.

In this process, getting consultancy and starting out with a professional market research consultancy can be especially beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses. What is the benefit? A correct market analysis helps the company to use its resources in the most effective way and to clearly see the answer to the question “What does it bring to the table?”

As a result, market research; It is indispensable to survive in a competitive market, determine the right strategies and achieve sustainable success.

Definition, Types and Examples

Market research is a critical process that businesses need to make the most effective decisions. Market research is a comprehensive study that examines potential customer needs, competitor analysis and market trends before a product or service is introduced to the market.

1. DefinitionMarket research is the process of collecting information about current or potential customers of a particular market. This information is used in many areas, from design to pricing, distribution and promotion of the product or service.

2. Types 🔸 Quantitative Research: It is research based on numerical data, usually conducted on large sample groups. Surveys are the most common method of this type of research. 🔸 Qualitative Research: It is research conducted for the purpose of obtaining more in-depth information, usually conducted through focus group discussions or one-on-one interviews.

3. Examples 🔹 Product Tests: These are tests carried out to measure the reactions of the target audience before a new product is launched. 🔹 Customer Satisfaction Research: These are studies conducted to learn the opinions of existing customers about a product or service. 🔹 Competitor Analysis: Competitor companies’ products, services, prices and These are analyzes performed to obtain information about marketing strategies.

If a business is looking for a new market or wants to be more effective in its current market, it needs to take conscious steps with the right market research methods. Why is it important? Because market research helps reduce the risks that businesses may face, identify potential opportunities and make the right decisions in strategic planning.

Consequently, market research; It plays a critical role in eliminating uncertainty, creating the right marketing strategies and achieving sustainable success in a competitive market.

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Market Research Definition

Market research is a critical tool for a business to create successful marketing strategies. When exploring new market opportunities, businesses need to have information about existing and potential rival companies. This is important not only in domestic but also in international markets.

🔹 What is market research? It is the process of understanding the current status of a market, consumer needs, competitor analysis and market trends.

🔹 Before starting foreign trade and export activities, it is essential for businesses to conduct foreign market research. To understand market trends in different continents, especially in Africa, Europe and Gulf regions, and to be able to create effective strategies on target markets in these regions. It is essential for.

🔹 Research process; It includes methods such as internet, field studies, surveys, sample market research and competitor analysis. This process is very critical, especially for companies planning to enter the market in Dubai or Africa.

🔹 Market finding stages come to the fore especially in the new market finding process. Businesses should focus on foreign market opportunities as well as the domestic market in Turkey. This is necessary for a business idea to become a global success.

🔹 Market research consultancy helps businesses obtain accurate information while creating both domestic market and foreign market strategies.


🔹 Market share analysis by an analyst helps businesses understand how effective they are in a particular region or globally.

Market research; It is a comprehensive process that enables businesses to understand the potential opportunities, threats and trends that exist in a particular market. Based on this information, businesses can create more effective strategies, including export market research. This is essential for them to establish an effective presence not only in domestic but also in overseas markets.

Types of Market Research

Market research is a critical process that enables businesses to take conscious steps in their decision-making processes. There are various types of market research according to different needs and purposes.

🔸 Quantitative Research: These are studies based on numerical data, conducted on large sample groups. Surveys and survey results Statistical analyzes of are examples of this type of research.

🔸 Qualitative Research: These are studies conducted with fewer participants to obtain in-depth information. Focus group discussions and one-on-one interviews are common methods of qualitative research.

🔸 Observational Research: It is the process of collecting information through direct observation of participants in their natural environments. This is especially valuable for things like shopping habits.

🔸 Experimental Research: These are studies carried out in controlled environments to measure the effect of a certain variable. For example, it is done to measure how a product’s price change affects sales.

This diversity shows how market research can respond to different needs and question sets of businesses. Choosing the appropriate type of research is critical to the quality and usefulness of the results obtained.

Market Research Examples

Market research is a process that enables businesses to make informed decisions in both domestic and international markets. This process makes it easier for businesses to conduct competitive analysis, discover new market opportunities and create effective marketing strategies. Foreign trade and export activities especially increase the importance of these researches. Here are some market research examples:

🔍 1. Finding Customers in Foreign Markets: Businesses must research potential customer segments to operate effectively in foreign markets. While doing this, the stages of obtaining market information and finding customer data play a critical role.

🔍 2. Finding Customers in the Domestic Market: Obtaining information about customer needs and demands is essential for effective positioning in the domestic market. B2B customer finding methods are important in this process.

🔍 3. Creating a Customer Database: A solid customer database is needed to manage marketing strategies. This database should be updated frequently in order to inform and consultancy.

🔍 4. Competitor Analysis: It is critical to research competitors in the market, understand their strategies, and use this information to the advantage of the business.

🔍 5. Ethical Values and Market Research: When conducting market research, businesses should be committed to honesty, transparency, fairness and responsibility. It must adhere to values such as /strong>. This increases the level of reliability and consistency of the business.

Those who conduct market research should adopt the principles of pro-activity and voluntariness during the data collection process. This helps the business achieve sustainable success in the market.

As a result, market research; It enables businesses to understand the opportunities, threats and trends in a particular market. Based on this information, businesses can gain a competitive advantage and strengthen their market position.

Market Research Templates

Market research is a fundamental component of a business’ decision-making process. In order to conduct effective market research, it is essential to use the right templates. These templates help move the research process forward in a more systematic and organized way. Here are some commonly used market research templates:

📋 1. Competitor Analysis Template: This template helps businesses identify their competitors in the industry and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. In this way, businesses better understand their competitors’ strategies, pricing structures and market shares.

📋 2. Customer Survey Template: Customer feedback provides critical information about how a business can improve its products and services. This template includes information such as demographic information, purchasing habits and preferences of the target audience.

📋 3. Market Trend Analysis Template: This template is used to understand the overall direction of the market and potential future opportunities. This helps businesses make strategic decisions for the future.

📋 4. Product Evaluation Template: This template is used to evaluate how a product is performing in the market. This helps identify the product’s strengths and weaknesses and identify improvement opportunities.

📋 5. Pricing Strategy Template: This is used to evaluate the pricing strategy of a business’s product or service. It includes critical components such as competitive analysis, cost structures and customer feedback.

Market research templates enable businesses to collect the information they need to direct their market strategies more effectively. However, using these templates correctly and effectively requires skills such as research, manage and consulting. Therefore, during the market research process, it is extremely beneficial to seek advice from experts with relevant experience.

Purpose of Market Research

A business needs reliable information to operate effectively in the market and make the right decisions. Therefore, market research has become an indispensable process for businesses. So, what is the main purpose of market research?

🎯 1. Understanding Customer Needs: Businesses should focus on customer needs when developing strategies to find customers in the domestic market and find customers in the foreign market. Market research provides businesses with in-depth information about what the target audience wants.

🎯 2. Identifying Market Trends: In the modern business world, market dynamics are constantly changing. By acquiring market information, businesses should catch up with current trends in the industry and shape their strategies accordingly.

🎯 3. Conducting Competitor Analysis: Every business should closely follow the activities of its competitors in the industry. This affects strategies for finding customers both in the domestic market and in the foreign market. Market research provides critical information about what competitors are doing and where they are.

🎯 4. Creating a Customer Database: An effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system requires a customer database creation process. Market research gives businesses the opportunity to collect and organize information about potential customers.

🎯 5. Determining the Right Marketing Strategy: Whether B2B customer discovery or B2C, businesses need market research to determine the right marketing strategy.

In summary, the purpose of market research is to provide businesses with the ability to produce solutions to the challenges they face in the market, evaluate opportunities and make strategic decisions for sustainable success. This plays a critical role in the process of businesses finding customer data, directing their strategies and gaining a competitive advantage in the market.

Why is market research important?

In the modern business world, having the right information is the key to the success of a business. Therefore, market research is becoming increasingly important. is. What are the reasons why market research plays such a critical role?

📌 1. Making the Right Decision: The success of businesses depends on their ability to make the right decisions. Market research provides businesses with comprehensive and accurate information about the market so managers can make more informed decisions about future investments, product development or marketing strategies.

📌 2. Understanding Customer Needs and Expectations: Keeping the pulse of the market means listening to customer needs. Market research provides businesses with information about what consumers want, which trends they tend towards, and what their expectations are. This information allows the business to shape its products and services according to customer demands.

📌 3. Recognizing Competitors: In every industry, there are many competitors for businesses. Market research gives businesses a competitive advantage by providing information about what competitors are doing, what strategies they follow and which market segments they focus on.

📌 4. Risk Mitigation: Risk is inevitable in business, but knowledge can minimize these risks. Market research guides businesses to reduce risk by analyzing market trends, consumer behavior and economic indicators.

📌 5. Promoting Innovative Ideas: Market research can inspire businesses to identify opportunities for new product ideas, services or marketing strategies. Consumers’ feedback can help businesses develop innovative solutions to meet market demands.

📌 6. Effective Positioning in the Market: A business’s position in the market directly affects consumers’ brand perception. Market research helps the business determine how to best appeal to its target audience and how to position itself within the market.

Consequently, market research provides businesses with valuable information and plays a critical role in the strategic decision-making process. Today, in order to be effective in a dynamic and ever-changing market, businesses need to constantly monitor the market, understand consumer behavior and adjust their strategies accordingly. Market research is an indispensable tool for businesses to achieve these goals.

Market research and marketing strategy

In the marketing world, behind a successful campaign is an in-depth market research and a marketing strategy shaped in the light of this research. It is almost impossible to create an effective marketing process without understanding how intertwined these two concepts are.

📌 1. Definition of Market Research: Market research is a systematic analysis to understand the needs, wants, expectations and habits of a specific target audience. This analysis may include both quantitative and qualitative methods.

📌 2. Definition of Marketing Strategy: Marketing strategy is the road map that a business will follow to achieve its set marketing goals. This strategy is created based on information obtained from market research.

The Effect of Market Research on Marketing Strategy

The Power of Accurate Information: Market research provides information that forms the basis of marketing strategy. Knowing which demographic group is interested in which products, which advertising methods are more effective, and what consumers think about the brand allows the marketing strategy to be shaped in the right direction.

Ministry of Commerce Foreign Market Research Support page.

Case Analysis: A market research conducted on the mobile application usage of the young population in Turkey can reveal that 80% of young people actively use social media applications. This information can enable a technology company’s marketing strategy to focus on mobile applications.

📌 3. Competitive Analysis: Market research is also a critical tool for understanding what competitors are doing. Competitor analysis helps a business determine in which areas it can stand out and which segments it should focus on when determining its marketing strategy.

📌 4. Strategic Positioning: Understanding what the target audience wants and what kind of solution they are looking for allows businesses to make strategic decisions about how to position their products or services in the market.

📌 5. Innovation and Opportunities: Market research ensures that the marketing strategy does not just focus on existing products and services, but also offers innovative ideas and opportunities for new market segments

The relationship between market research and marketing strategy is the heart of an effective marketing campaign. Market research consultancy professionals use these two concepts in an integrated manner, enabling their brands to gain a competitive advantage and achieve an effective positioning in the market. Behind a successful marketing strategy there is always detailed and accurate market research

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