How to do digital consultancy? 1

How to do digital consultancy?

Being present in the digital world, whether individual or corporate, has now become a necessity. We need digital consultancy services to be able to take part effectively in this new world order. So, how is digital consulting done and what does it do? Let’s explore the answers to these questions together.

🔹 What is Digital Consulting? Digital consultancy is a field of expertise that provides strategy, management, new media and digital transformation services that an individual or organization needs in the digitalization process. In other words, it serves in various fields such as increasing brand awareness on web-based platforms, social media management, SEO optimization.

🔹 What Does Digital Counseling Do? Digital consultancy determines the necessary strategies for a brand to take place effectively in the digital world. Managing the digital transformation process, optimizing the brand’s web and social media presence, integration of AI and artificial intelligence applications, and digital audit services are within the scope of digital consultancy.

🔹 How is Digital Consulting Done? The digital consulting process usually starts with brand analysis and digital strategy creation. Next, the digital consulting firm handles the brand’s services such as web and social media management, SEO optimization, and AI integration. In all these processes, the digitalization and transformation process of the brand is meticulously managed.

You can manage this process by taking digital consultancy training. However, digital consulting firms generally achieve more efficient and effective results because they have expertise and experience in this field.

At this point, the digital consultancy agency Adapte Digital comes into play. This agency, which provides services all over Turkey, especially in Istanbul and Bursa, can help you with its extensive services and trainings to manage your corporate digital transformation process.

Adapte Digital provides a wide range of services from digital marketing consultancy to digital audit services, from SEO optimization to social media management. Moreover, Adapte Digital’s prices and fees are very competitive compared to other companies in the industry.

You can benefit from the corporate services of Adapte Digital to effectively present in the new media and manage the digitalization process. Adapte Digital has gained an important place in the sector with both agency services and digital consultancy training. This agency, which also offers communication and advertising services, plays a major role in determining your digital marketing strategies.

With Adapte Digital, you can get comprehensive services in design, digital consultancy, media and communication, and position your brand effectively in the digital world.

Digital consultancy services

Digital consultancy services have become a subject that every business needs in today’s rapidly digitalizing world. Both large-scale companies and small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from these services in return for digital consultancy fees and take important steps towards an effective presence in the digital world.

🔹 Web Design: Whether it is an e-commerce platform or a corporate website, professional web design service is of great importance for the image of every business in the digital world. Adapte Digital provides professional and corporate web design services in this field.

🔹 Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising: The promotion and sale of products and services over the Internet is possible through digital marketing and digital advertising services. A digital marketing consultant manages advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

🔹 Data Analysis and Big Data: Movements in the digital world require large amounts of data to be collected and analyzed. Digital consulting services also encompass data analysis and big data services. Thanks to these services, businesses can better understand their target audiences and develop strategies for them.

🔹 SEO and SEM: Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are important to gain visibility in the digital world. These services, offered within the scope of digital consultancy services, enable a website to rank higher in search engines.

Digital consultancy fees vary depending on the services received and the scope of these services. Adapte Digital offers a wide range of services from digital transformation consultancy to digital advertising consultancy, from digital communication consultancy to digital media consultancy.

Adapte Digital enables businesses to take place effectively in the digital world with digital strategy consultancy and digital brand consultancy. Offering its services in Istanbul, Bursa and other regions of Turkey, this agency is one of the leading names in the sector in the field of digital consultancy. By taking advantage of the services of Adapte Digital, you can ensure that your business has an effective presence in the digital world. This article answers the question of what is digital consultancy from a different perspective, you can read it.

What are digital consulting methods?

What comes to mind when you think of digital consulting methods? Of course, you can think of many different components such as digitalization, new media, web management, SEO, AI and digital audit concepts. Digital consultancy agencies such as Adapte Digital, operating all over Turkey, especially in Istanbul and Bursa, create effective digital strategies by bringing these components together. So, how do they set up and implement these strategies? Let’s look at the details of how to do digital consultancy together.

🔹 Creating a Brand Strategy: Digital consulting services require first creating a strategy to determine the brand’s position in the digital world. This strategy includes the brand’s goals, target audience, value proposition, and other important factors.

🔹 Web Management and Optimization: Digital consulting includes the management and optimization of a brand’s website. This includes SEO (search engine optimization) services, web design and development. Digital consulting agencies ensure that your website is optimized so that it can be easily found by search engines and offers an impressive experience for users.

🔹 Digitalization and Digital Transformation: Digital consultancy also manages the digitalization process of a brand. Digital transformation consultants adapt your business processes, customer relations and business model to digital technologies. The integration of technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence) is also part of this process.

🔹 New Media and Social Media Management: Digital consulting services also include managing the brand’s presence on social media and other new media platforms. This includes content creation, media planning and social media advertising.

🔹 Digital Audit: Digital consultants regularly audit a brand’s digital presence. These audits are done to evaluate the performance of your website, your social media presence, the effectiveness of your SEO efforts, and your other digital marketing activities.

Digital consulting methods play an important role in increasing the competitive advantage of businesses, improving the customer experience and making the most of the opportunities offered by digital technologies. These methods help businesses overcome the challenges they may face in the digital transformation process and support sustainable growth. Our article on what digital consultancy does in the link can give you different information.

It is a consulting method that helps businesses develop their digital strategies and succeed in their digital transformation journey. This method includes expert guidance to enable businesses to make the most of the benefits of digital technologies. You can find different perspectives on methods in our digital consultancy company article.

Digital consulting methods can vary according to the needs and goals of the business, but generally, how to do digital consulting includes the following steps:

Current state analysis of the business: Digital consultants evaluate the current digital assets, business processes and technological capabilities of the business. This analysis is important to understand the digital maturity level of the business and to identify areas for improvement.
Goal setting: Consultants help the business set its digital goals. These goals can be in different areas such as improving the customer experience, increasing efficiency, implementing new marketing strategies or optimizing business processes.

Digital strategy creation: Consultants develop a digital strategy to achieve the business’s goals. This strategy can focus on various digital areas such as digital marketing, social media management, data analytics, e-commerce or cloud computing. The strategy is customized according to the priorities of the business and market conditions.

Technology selection and implementation: Consultants identify digital technologies that best suit the needs of the business and provide guidance on how to implement them. This can include various technologies such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, data analytics tools or cloud computing infrastructure.

Training and change management: Digital consultants manage the training and change management processes to adapt the company’s employees to new technologies and processes. This allows the business to easily adapt to the digital transformation process.

Performance monitoring and optimization: Consultants monitor the performance of the business’s digital strategy and recommend improvements as needed. This includes constantly adapting to changes in strategy to ensure the business achieves its goals.

How is digital consultancy done and what are its techniques?

How to do digital consulting is a process in which a business consults an expert with specific knowledge and skills to meet its various digital needs. This could include improving a business’s online presence, improving their digital marketing strategy, or optimizing their technology infrastructure. Here is a general guide to doing digital consulting:

Determine Your Area of Expertise: Digital consulting covers a wide range. You can specialize in SEO, SEM, social media management, content strategy, web design, user experience (UX), data analytics, e-commerce, digital transformation and more. As a consultant, you must be able to offer in-depth knowledge and experience in a particular area.

Provide Customer-Specific Services: Every business has unique needs. To understand a client’s needs, you need to do a detailed analysis of their business, industry, audience, and goals. Based on this information, you can develop and implement a strategy to achieve specific goals.

Develop and Deliver Strategy: Digital consulting often involves the process of proposing a strategy and putting it into practice. This strategy should help the business achieve its digital goals. During the strategy development phase, activities such as evaluating existing digital assets, market research, competitive analysis may take place.

Implementation and Follow-up: After implementing the strategy, it is important to monitor the results and make any necessary adjustments. Digital consultants often set specific KPIs and goals and check whether you are meeting them.

Education and Training: In some cases, digital consultants may provide training for the business to implement its own digital strategies. This could be SEO, content creation, social media management, or teaching other digital skills.

Continuous Update and Learning: The digital world is constantly changing and consultants have to follow the changes and keep themselves up to date. This may include learning about new technologies, algorithms and digital marketing trends.

In answer to the question of how to do digital consulting, it’s important to keep your knowledge and skills up to date carefully, thoughtfully, and constantly while doing the job. When providing consulting services, you must have the ability to understand the client’s goals and needs, propose appropriate solutions, and implement those solutions effectively.

Today, from Istanbul to Bursa, where digital transformation is gaining momentum, it is time to focus on digital consultancy techniques. These techniques, which are of great importance in the transformation stories of corporate companies, are changing both the industry and the business model. This great transformation, especially in the fields of marketing services and advertising, also shapes the understanding of media, communication and design. You can get more information in our digital consultant article. In this context, we will examine various digital consultancy techniques under the following headings within the framework of an effective brand creation strategy:

🎯 Web Management and SEO Optimization: Web management allows companies to effectively manage their online presence. A good web management enables brands to stand out in the digital environment. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used to increase the visibility of a website in search engines. SEO optimization makes it easier to reach potential customers and improves the quality of an agency’s marketing services.
💡 New Media and Social Media Strategies: New media plays a major role in digitalization and transformation processes. Social media is a platform where brands can reach their target audiences directly. Digital consulting agencies design and execute brands’ social media and new media strategies.
🤖 Artificial Intelligence and AI: The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in digital consulting is particularly important in the marketing and advertising industry. AI helps improve the performance of marketing services and advertising agencies. Also, AI enables brands to better understand their target audience and communicate with them effectively.
🛡️ Digital Audit and Transformation Strategies: The digital audit is used to assess the overall health of a company’s digital presence. With digital auditing, companies can track the performance of their digital assets and adjust their transformation strategies as needed. The digital audit also evaluates brands’ SEO and social media strategies.

These techniques are the basic building blocks that will help you successfully run the digitalization process of your business, brand and institution. Consulting with a digital consultancy agency is very important to speed up your company’s digital transformation process and to overcome the difficulties you may encounter in this process. While choosing an agency, the prices and fees of the services offered by the companies, especially in big cities such as Istanbul and Bursa, should be carefully compared. Digitalization

Digital consulting fees and pricing procedures

In the era of digital transformation, digital consulting services are gaining more and more importance. From Istanbul to Bursa, all companies and agencies apply to these services to keep up with the digitalization process and stand out from the competition. You can get a lot of information about the digital consultancy agency from this article. However, knowing about digital consulting fees and pricing procedures is vital for effectively managing your budget. Here’s what you need to know about it:

🏷️ Hourly Fees: It is a frequently encountered model in the pricing structure of digital consultancy services. Consultants usually set prices on hourly rates. This model is often appropriate for shorter-term projects or where consulting services are required for a specific task.
📊 Project Based Pricing: This model is generally preferred for larger and more extensive projects. A project-specific fee is set and varies depending on factors such as the complexity, duration and requirements of the project. Project-based pricing is ideal when a firm has a specific budget and wants to know its costs upfront.
📈 Monthly Retainer Fee: This model is typically used for long-term digital consulting relationships. The agency charges a certain amount per month and offers certain services in return for this fee. Retainer fee is often used for SEO optimization, social media management and other ongoing digital marketing services.
🎯 Performance Based Fees: This model charges based on the consultant’s performance. That is, the consultant gets paid when he achieves certain goals. This model is often preferred for services whose specific results can be measured, such as SEO and digital advertising.
Digital consulting fees and pricing procedures can vary widely depending on the services the agency offers, the agency’s location (for example, Istanbul or Bursa), its industry, and the experience level of the consultant. So, before hiring an agency or consultant, it’s important to carefully consider services, fees, and pricing patterns. A good digital consulting agency will help you determine the most suitable pricing model for you. You can watch this subject in the video of digital consultant Gürbüz Özdem.

What is digital consulting?
What does digital consulting do and how is it used?
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