Corporate Mail Management Service

Manage your business communication professionally and effectively with Corporate Mail Management Services!

Today, e-mail communication is of great importance for businesses. With our Corporate Mail Management Services, maintain your business’s e-mail communication smoothly and effectively.

Create custom email addresses for your business and increase your credibility using a customized domain name. Display a professional image by using corporate e-mail addresses in communications with customers and business partners.

Access your e-mails anytime, anywhere, using our web-based and mobile applications for easy and fast e-mail management. In addition, ensure that your business’ important data is protected with high security standards.

Block unwanted and harmful content by constantly scanning your incoming emails with spam and virus protection. In this way, increase the productivity of your employees and create a secure communication environment.

Strengthen the communication of your business and display a professional image with Corporate Mail Management Services!

Buy now and take the first step for successful e-mail management!

  • Corporate Mail Management Service

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      Corporate Mail Management Service

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      The package contents are as follows;

      Installation and Configuration2Setup and configuration of email accounts with customized domain name.
      Email Client Integration1Ensuring integration with web-based and mobile e-mail clients.
      Spam and Virus Protection Settings1Continuous scanning of incoming e-mails and adjusting settings to block unwanted content.
      User Training and Support1Providing training and technical support to employees on e-mail management, security and efficiency.

      Mail Sisteminin Özellikleri

      Mail Setup5 mail setups
      Installation SupportHourly installation professional support
      Free HostingFree hosting for 1 year
      SecuritySSL certificate and spam filtering features
      CompatibilitySupporting POP3, IMAP and SMTP protocols
      AccessibilityCompatible with Webmail, Outlook and other email clients
      Storage Capacity50GB storage and 50MB additional file attachment limit

      It supports corporate mail, POP3, IMAP and SMTP protocols and is compatible with webmail, Outlook and other email clients. In this way, you can easily access your e-mails. You can also share large files in your emails, with a 50MB attachment limit.

      With our Corporate Mail service, your corporate e-mail creation and management will be easy and fast. Moreover, Corporate Mail fees are also very economical. Try our Corporate Mail service, which is specially designed for the needs of your business, which includes phrases such as Corporate, Corporate Mail service, Corporate mail hosting, corporate e-mail creation, Corporate Mail fees!

      How to Get a Corporate Mail Address?

      Getting a corporate e-mail address is quite easy. First, you need to choose a hosting service provider or an email management service provider. Next, go to the website of your chosen provider and set up an email account for your business.

      During this process, you can choose a custom email address using your business name or website address. For example, “” or “”.

      After creating your corporate e-mail address, you can access your e-mail account by installing your e-mail client (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) or via the webmail interface.

      In addition, many email management service providers offer special packages for corporate mail services. These packages can be customized to your business needs and are especially useful for larger businesses.

      How Should the Corporate E-Mail Address Be?

      A corporate email address should reflect the name of your business or company and make a professional impression. For example, “” or “”.

      Corporate email services are offered by many different service providers, often with paid or free options. Paid services can offer benefits such as higher storage capacity, more customization options, and better security features. Free services can offer less storage and less support with fewer features.

      Reliable and expert email management service providers like Godaddy or Natro can be a good option for your business. These companies offer both paid and free services, and you can choose an email package that suits your needs. Also, a good email service provider offers good technical support to their customers and can assist you if you have any problems.

      Corporate email charges may vary depending on the service provider and package options you choose. Usually, however, paid services that offer more features and storage are priced higher.

      Ultimately, in order to choose a corporate email service that fits your business needs, it’s important to choose a reliable service provider, compare paid or free service options, and choose a package based on your needs.


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