Web Design and Digital Marketing Package for Hotel

With the Web Design and Digital Marketing Package for the Hotel, we offer everything you need to strengthen your hotel’s online presence and compete in the digital world.

Highlight the uniqueness and quality of your hotel with a professional web design. We offer your customers an easy-to-use, visually appealing platform to learn about your hotel, view rooms and even book directly.

With our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services, we ensure that your hotel website gets high rankings in Google and other search engines. This drives more traffic to your website and leads to more bookings.

With social media management and Google Ads management, we increase your hotel’s brand awareness and reach the target audience. These services make your hotel stand out and help increase bookings.

Our E-Mail Marketing services establish regular and effective communication between your hotel and your customers. We increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat bookings with notifications about new offers, special discounts and hotel events.

Stand out in the digital world and take your business to new heights with the Web Design and Digital Marketing Package for Hotel!

  • Web Design and Digital Marketing Package for Hotel

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      Web Design and Digital Marketing Package for Hotel

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      Güvenli AlışverişTrust
      Saat 1-5Web Sitesi TasarımıWeb sitesinin görsel ve işlevsel tasarımını gerçekleştirme. Otelin imajını ve kimliğini yansıtan bir tasarım oluşturma.
      Saat 6-8İçerik OluşturmaWeb sitesi için çekici ve bilgilendirici içerik oluşturma. Otel hakkında genel bilgiler, odalar, hizmetler vb.
      Saat 9-10Web Sitesi TestiWeb sitesinin tüm özelliklerinin doğru bir şekilde çalıştığını kontrol etme ve gerekli düzeltmeleri yapma.
      Saat 11-14SEO StratejisiAnahtar kelime araştırması yapma, içerik optimizasyonu ve backlink stratejisi oluşturma.
      Saat 15-16Google My Business OptimizasyonuOtelin Google My Business sayfasını düzenleme ve optimize etme.
      Saat 17-20Sosyal Medya StratejisiSosyal medya hesaplarını ayarlama ve içerik stratejisi oluşturma.
      Saat 21-22Google Ads Hesabı AyarlamaGoogle Ads hesabını ayarlama ve ilk kampanyayı oluşturma.
      Saat 23-25E-Posta Pazarlama StratejisiE-posta listesini oluşturma, e-posta pazarlama stratejisi belirleme ve ilk e-posta kampanyasını tasarlama.
      Saat 26-27Analitik AyarlarıGoogle Analytics ve diğer izleme araçlarını ayarlama. Web sitesi performansını izleme.
      Saat 28-30İncelemeler ve DüzeltmelerGeri bildirimleri değerlendirme ve gerekli düzeltmeleri yapma.

      This program provides a general framework and can be tailored to your specific needs. In particular, parts such as website design, SEO strategy and social media strategy will significantly affect your hotel’s online presence.

      Web Design: The user experience, appearance and functionality of the website.
      SEO: Search engine optimization of the website, i.e. how it ranks on Google.
      Digital Marketing Strategy: Use of social media, email marketing, Google Ads and other digital marketing channels.
      Content Management: The quality and effectiveness of the content on the website.
      Performance Monitoring: How to measure the effectiveness of website and digital marketing efforts.

      All the features you are looking for to strengthen your hotel’s online presence are gathered in this package!

      Our Web Design and Digital Marketing Package offers a range of services designed to maximize your hotel’s online appearance and performance. Whether you own a new hotel or want to enhance your existing digital presence, this package may be the perfect solution for you.

      Our professional web design provides a stunning and functional website that reflects your hotel’s brand identity. While optimizing the user experience, our SEO services help your website rank higher on Google. More visibility means more leads!

      Our digital marketing strategies can increase your conversion rates with email marketing and Google Ads campaigns, while strengthening your hotel’s social media presence. All of this is supported by comprehensive content management; so that your website always remains attractive and up to date.

      Finally, we provide a real-time view of your hotel’s online activity with our performance monitoring services. This allows for continuous improvement and strategy adjustments.

      Our Web Design and Digital Marketing Package offers everything you need to increase your hotel’s online success. Whether it’s a large hotel chain or a small boutique hotel, this package provides everything you need to strengthen your hotel’s online presence.

      Are you ready to evolve and get more customers? Get the Web Design and Digital Marketing Package for your hotel today!

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