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While your business offers a great product or service to succeed, sharing it with your potential customers is critical to getting them to discover your business.

Announce your business to your customers

By working with our agency, you can strengthen your business’s online presence, increase awareness of your brand and attract more customers. Contact us now and let’s create a content marketing strategy tailored for your business!

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Customized solutions tailored to your business goals

We do research to understand your business and your target audience and develop the most effective content marketing strategies. We prepare a plan tailored to your needs and determine the most appropriate content marketing strategy to achieve your goals.

Business Prestige and Importance of Content for Brand

StatisticsBrand and Prestige
70% of brands have increased their brand awareness by using a content marketing strategy.Brand awareness increase
A 68% consumer base thinks that it is important for a brand to produce quality content for brand reputation.Brand reputation increase
Brands using a content marketing strategy got 27% more web traffic and 4.5% more conversions than those who didn’t.Web traffic and conversion growth
80% of consumers say they want to be informed about the values and missions of brands. A good content marketing strategy can help you inform consumers about the values of the brand.Value and mission communication
60% of social media users state that if a brand regularly shares quality content, they have a more positive view of the brand.Positive image formation
62% of brands think producing high-quality content is the most effective marketing strategy.Effective marketing

To Attract More Customers

Content marketing strategies help you deliver more value to your potential customers and persuade them to buy. The statistics below show that content marketing strategies are an effective tool for businesses to increase their potential to attract customers.

StatisticsMore Customers
60% of businesses using a content marketing strategy report attracting more customers.Customer attraction increase
70% of businesses using a content marketing strategy say they get more traffic and reach more potential customers.Web traffic and leads growth
75% of businesses using a content marketing strategy report attracting higher quality customers.Attracting high quality customers
61% of businesses say they experienced an increase in conversion rates after using a content marketing strategy.Conversion rate increase
80% of businesses using a content marketing strategy have observed that customers stay on their website longer and browse more pages.Longer website stay and more page browsing

Businesses using a content marketing strategy gain benefits such as attracting more customers, increasing web traffic and leads, attracting high-quality customers, increasing conversion rate and staying on their website for longer and more page browsing. Therefore, there are opportunities for businesses to attract more customers and grow their business using content marketing strategies.

Business and Brand Awareness Increase

The services offered by our agency help you increase your brand awareness and reach a wider audience by strengthening your business’s online presence.

StatisticsBrand awareness
70% of brands using a content marketing strategy report increased brand awareness.Brand awareness increase
Blog posts help brands rank higher in search results.Rise in search engine rankings
72% of brands say it’s important to create original content to meet their customers’ needs.Creating original content
63% of businesses report that sharing articles about their brand’s target audience helps increase brand awareness.Content aimed at the target audience
Brands that regularly share quality content get 3% more visitor traffic than other brands.Increase in visitor traffic

Statistics show how content marketing can help increase brand awareness. Using a content marketing strategy will help your brand rank higher in search results and create unique content for the target audience. Also, regularly sharing quality content can help increase your brand awareness and increase your traffic.

Strengthen Your Digital Presence with a Content Marketing Agency

Blogging and Management

Blogs for
traffic and engagement with solutions, suggestions and innovations.

Creating Content for Your Website

Development of pages within the website,
creation of new pages

SEO Strategies and Implementation

Arrangement of content in accordance with user and search engines
and increase in traffic

Production, shooting,
montage and broadcast of content for videos

Production, shooting,
montage and broadcast of content for videos

Social Media Marketing

Conversion from the audience by creating
campaigns on social media

Content Strategy Consulting

New approaches according to the results of the content studies

Case Study: Orasil

Selected examples of digital marketing projects we have developed using the Efficient Digital Model.


Let’s share the main information that we are allowed to share from the Orasil brand of the textile company, which is our digital transformation customer. Like other brands of our customer, we started to provide our Digital PR and marketing services for the Orasil brand at the beginning of 2020.

Orasil brand is a cleaning cloth by recycling textile wastes. We have provided the development of a product group whose market is not formed from textile waste, from creating search terms to the sales stage.

Maximum 50 thousand TL per month for the brand. We took delivery from the turnover and in 2022 it is 500 thousand TL per month. We moved it to the point where it hits the average. We want you to know; It is only 4 thousand TL per month. We did it with a very low advertising budget.

At Orasil, our target is the cleaning cloth leadership used in the entire industry. And with this leadership, it is to highlight the brand in the European region. 2.5 million TL per month for this brand alone in 2024. We aim at a level of turnover and awareness.

We want you to know that we will work hard to be creative, productive, devoted and contributing to your business and brand.


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We received support from Gürbüz Özdem and her team, from the construction of many brand sites to the management of our digital marketing. I can say our digital department.
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Şerif Çulcu
Founder / Motto Cosmetics
Adapte Digital does the web and digital works of many brands belonging to our company. We have been working on web since the beginning of 2018, and digital marketing from 2020 together.
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Aslı Yüksek
Marketing Manager / Vizyon
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