Is Product Image Important in E-Commerce?

The product image is one of the first elements that attract the attention of customers. The more appealing an image is, the easier it is to market the product. If you want the customer entering your site to add the product to the cart while viewing the product, you need to have quality and detailed images about the product.

In the concept of seo in images, it is subject to a detailed classification of search engines. In this classification, algorithms distinguish the content, size and color of the product image. So if you post a misleading product your reputation can be damaged

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Product Image?

• Product images must be in high resolution. If the image is small, blurry or in low resolution, it cannot convince the customer. The reason for this is that the user, who cannot examine the product in detail, begins to lack confidence.
• In order to capture the quality of the image, it is necessary to determine the camera, lens, studio, light, contrast and angle. If even one of these is wrong or missing, your photo will become unprofessional.
• When shooting the product, be sure to take it from several different angles because the customer will want to see the product from every angle.
• If you are selling textile products, use a mannequin in your photos so that the customer can imagine how the product can stand on itself.
• There should be harmony between the product to be photographed and the background. If the image is a light color and a light color in the background, it causes a decrease in quality and attractiveness.
• While editing the product images, it will be sufficient to simply clean the stains instead of making changes to the product.
• If you catch a certain concept and shoot all your products within that concept, you will look more qualified and professional.

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