Consent Text Regarding the Processing of Personal Data

We would like to inform you about the activities carried out by our company Adapte Digital Bilişim Anonim Şirketi (“Adapte Digital” or “Company”) through the website

It is not necessary to use the communication methods on our website in order to send us the requests for the services provided by Adapte Digital. The communication modules we offer on our website aim to make it easier for you to reach us.

Some of your personal data that needs to be processed in order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers; Since it is not within the scope of the data processing conditions in the Personal Data Protection Law that are not subject to consent, it is only subject to the express consent of our customers. If you do not want to give consent, you can contact us at +90535 564 8008 or by e-mail

Depending on your express consent;

Processed Personal Data and Collection Methods:

Your identity information (name, surname), contact information (e-mail address, billing addresses, mobile phone number) shared by our Customers online and/or through printed forms; Traffic Data such as your customer transaction information (request information, order information, marketing information (cookie records), transaction security information (IP Address Information, Website Login and Exit Information, User Name Information, Password Information, Connection Time / Time) collected during your use of our website ) while using our website, your data that can be collected according to your preferences in your internet browser will be processed.

Processing Purposes and Legal Reasons of Processed Personal Data:

Your personal data listed above, if you consent to contact us through the communication channels on our website; Creating advertisements, promotions and campaigns tailored for you, cross-selling, determining the target audience, executing activities to increase your user experience by tracking your customer movements, improving the operation of Adapte Digital’s website and conducting personalized marketing and remarketing activities, personalized segmentation, Establishing loyalty to the products and/or services offered by Adapte Digital, including for the purposes of targeting, analysis and internal reporting, market research, planning and execution of customer satisfaction activities, and planning and execution of customer relationship management processes; and/or Within the scope of planning and executing the processes of increasing Paragraph 1 of Article 5 of the KVKK may be processed depending on the legal reason of “explicit consent” and may be shared with third parties in the country within the scope of the same purposes and legal reason, and with third parties abroad, our business partners/suppliers in accordance with the rules in Article 9 of the KVKK.

Transfer of Personal Data Abroad:

In case you contact us through the communication channels on our website by giving consent; Your identity (name, surname) contact (e-mail address, mobile phone number, marketing (campaign information, product information,) and transaction security (IP address) data) are subject to the rules in Article 9 of the KVKK, titled “Transfer of Personal Data Abroad”. Since we do not have domestic alternatives where we can ensure the service quality and service continuity by complying with and taking the necessary technical and administrative measures, our cloud services infrastructure suppliers in the field of technology are located abroad and their servers are abroad and all their sub-applications (“Data Processors”) are provided. / to our programs and/or systems made available to us; executing information security processes, executing communication activities, executing and auditing business activities, executing goods and service sales processes, executing activities for customer satisfaction, executing customer relationship management processes, executing marketing activities, It can be recorded for the purposes of carrying out archive and archival activities, following up requests and complaints, and thus can be transferred abroad. These companies chosen by Adapte Digital take data security measures according to internationally accepted standards and undertake to provide their customers, therefore Adapte Digital, with the security level in accordance with these standards.

In addition, many international legislation regarding personal data, especially the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), legally ensures that these data are not processed by Data Processors (companies that own the above-mentioned infrastructures) other than Adapte Digital’s requests and purposes. Due to the use of software provided by Data Processors,

Your personal data we collect is not shared with other third parties abroad, except for the purposes stated above.

Your Rights Regarding Processed Personal Data:

Within the scope of Article 11 of KVKK;

Learning whether your personal data is processed,
If your personal data has been processed, requesting information about it,
To learn the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they are used in accordance with the purpose,
Knowing the third parties to whom your personal data is transferred, in the country or abroad,
Requesting correction of your personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed,
Requesting the deletion or destruction of your personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in the KVKK legislation,
When you request the deletion or destruction of your personal data with the correction of incomplete or incorrect data, requesting that this situation be notified to the third parties to whom your personal data has been transferred,
Objecting to the result in case of a negative result by analyzing your processed data exclusively through automated systems, and
If your personal data is damaged due to unlawful processing, to request the elimination of this damage,

you have the rights.

By contacting us via the communication tab of the website and the communication robots, you will be deemed to have consented to the processing of all your personal data above, limited to the processing purposes stated above, without any pressure and expressly consenting.

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