According to the laws of Turkey, our contract has been established in a way that protects the rights of the parties in terms of both the customer and the service provider. We would like to shed light on our contracts through the obligations that must be included in the contracts below.

The basic characteristics of the goods or services that are the subject of the contract are in the products and when the order is placed, the package name etc. information is processed into the contract. Contracts are kept for the legal period.

Our customer orders the package for the services he wants to receive from our site/sites. In addition to the contract for the package he ordered, a panel is opened for our customer and the tasks to be fulfilled in the panel are presented to our customer. If our customer requests, the annexes listing these duties are sent to our customer as an annex to the contract with wet signature.

Our customer can withdraw from the contract in accordance with the right of withdrawal and money back guarantee return and return policy in the contract based on the duties.

It has the name or title of the seller or the supplier, and the MERSIS number, if any.

The full address, telephone number and similar contact information of the seller or provider, which allows the consumer to contact the seller or supplier quickly, will be automatically included in the contract.

The total price of the goods or services, including all taxes, is available on the products in their final form. Additional fees etc. may evolve with demands that require new overtime, but can be implemented by mutual consent.

In cases where there is a right of withdrawal, the terms of use of this right, its duration, procedure and information regarding the carrier that the seller envisages for the return, the open address, fax number or e-mail information where the withdrawal notification will be made are all included in the contract.

The right of withdrawal in the contract is presented fairly fairly for the parties.

There is information that consumers can make their applications regarding the dispute to the Consumer Court or the Consumer Arbitration Committee.

The information specified in the first paragraph is an integral part of the distance contract and this information cannot be changed unless the parties expressly agree otherwise.

The burden of proof regarding the prior notification rests with the seller or supplier.

After accepting the order and confirming the transactions, the CUSTOMER can use the service by defining his services through the control panel.

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