ALLEGRO · Digital Consulting Package

✨ As Adapte Digital Consulting Agency, we offer five types of digital consultancy packages. The most comprehensive of these packages, which provides services at the speed and intensity most suitable for your needs, is the ALLEGRO Digital Consultancy Package. 🚀

📈 ALLEGRO provides all the services your business needs to exist and thrive in the digital world. The services and features offered by the package are as follows:

  1. 🌐 Web & App Production, Development and Management: We strengthen your business’s digital presence. (7 VNIS)
  2. Content Production and Management: We create and manage your brand’s voice. (23 VNIS)
  3. 🔎 SEO/SEM Management: We increase the visibility of your business. (17 VNIS)
  4. 📡 Digital Media and Marketing: We determine and implement your business’s digital marketing strategies. (23 VNIS)
  5. 📱 Social Media Management: We optimize your business’s social media presence. (11 VNIS)
  6. 🛍 Marketplace and Sales Channels Management: We manage your business’s online sales channels. (4 VNIS)
  7. 💌 Mass Communication and Customer Management: We improve your customer relations. (4 VNIS)
  8. 📊 Data Analysis and Management: We analyze your business data and enable you to make strategic decisions. (4 VNIS)
  9. 🧠 Digital Consulting: We determine and implement the digital strategies of your business. (5 VNIS)
  10. 🔬 Digital Audit: We audit your business’s digital assets. (3 VNIS)
  11. 🔄 Digital Conversion & IT: We manage your business’s digital transformation process. (3 VNIS)

We offer 104 Productive Net Business Hours (VNIS) in total!

These services are provided by an experienced and talented team. Who is on the team? 👥 Chief Executive (7 VNS), Manager (11 VNIs), Specialist (17 VNIs), Assistant Specialist (19 VNIS), Senior Master (29 VNIs), Senior VNIs (17 VNIs)

✅ Achieve your goals with our ALLEGRO Digital Consulting Package to increase the presence and success of your business in the digital field! Get in touch and take your place in the digital world! 💼🌍

  • ALLEGRO · Digital Consulting Package

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      ALLEGRO · Digital Consulting Package

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      ALLEGRO · Digital Consulting Package can help businesses achieve many different goals and outcomes. Here are some of those goals and results:

      1. Digital Asset Creation and Empowerment: First, businesses can develop and strengthen their digital assets (website, mobile app, etc.). In this way, the visibility of the business in the digital world increases.
      2. Brand Awareness Increase: The brand awareness and visibility of the business increases with content production, SEO/SEM management and digital marketing strategies.
      3. Reaching Wider Audiences: Through social media management and mass media management, the business can reach wider audiences and expand its customer base.
      4. Increasing Sales: Managing the online marketplace and sales channels can increase a business’s online sales and increase overall revenue.
      5. Improving Customer Relationship: Mass communication and customer management can help the business improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction.
      6. Data-Driven Decision Making: Data analysis and management services provide the business with detailed information about its performance and facilitate data-driven decisions.
      7. Developing and Implementing Digital Strategies: Digital consulting offers the business the expertise and guidance to develop and implement digital strategies.
      8. Digital Transformation: It manages the digital transformation processes of businesses and optimizes business processes using modern technologies.

      All these results can help increase the overall success of the business, increase its revenue and create a more effective presence in the digital world. Therefore, a Digital Consulting Package like ALLEGRO allows the business to get the most out of digital marketing.

      Quests and Team

      1Web & App Production, Development and Management7
      2Content Production and Management23
      3Listing (SEO, SEM) Management17
      4Digital Media and Marketing23
      5Social Media Management11
      6Marketplace and Sales Channels Management4
      7Mass Media and Customer Management4
      8Data Analysis and Management4
      9Digital Consulting5
      10Digital Control3
      11Digital Conversion & IT3
      3Expert (Expert)17
      4Assistant Specialist19
      5Senior Master (Senior)29
      6Senior Assistant (Mid-Level Senior)17
      7Apprentice (Junior)4
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