Developed Digital Assets for Cosmetics Brands/Businesses

Dear user,This digital asset package that we offer under the name Developed Digital Assets for Cosmetics Brands/Businesses consists of many opportunities. The digital assets, that is, the sites listed below, are sites that have been working on their subject for years. We used it as a subsite for a main project that deals with cosmetics, and we are looking for businesses that want to use and evaluate it for this purpose.

It works with the command “Arrange Products by Brand, Increase Traffic and Collect Demand” and provides digital development and profit to businesses. While each of them has a different and important value, we found it appropriate to offer them as a package. If you are a cosmetics business or cosmetics brand, you can use these assets for subsites, backlinks or sales of products suitable for keywords.

Know and think about this: If you make a site with a key term the opening area of your marketing setup based on a product of that term, your performance will increase significantly. By using Google Ads, you can attract traffic and get results from these assets very quickly. You can quickly return your investment and start making profits.

If you research the prices of e-commerce or web systems, you will know how advantageous this offer is for you. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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For Cosmetics Brands/Businesses

What Benefits Does It Provide?

As a cosmetics business, purchasing a digital asset bundle consisting of the domains mentioned above can have several important benefits:

  • Brand Strengthening and Awareness: Since these domains are associated with your business’s various cosmetic products and services, they can strengthen your brand’s online presence and enable you to reach a wider audience.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Organic Traffic: Relevant and keyword-focused domain names can help you achieve higher rankings in search engines. This makes it easier for you to reach potential customers by increasing organic search traffic.
  • Catching Niche Markets: Each domain can appeal to a different subcategory of the cosmetics industry (e.g. hair care, nail care, natural oils, etc.). This allows you to develop customized marketing strategies and reach specific target audiences more effectively.
  • Distinguishing from Competitors: Having unique and relevant domain names helps you stand out from your competitors and make your brand stand out.
  • Brand Protection and Reputation Management: By purchasing these domains, you can prevent rival companies from opening websites with similar or confusing names and protect your brand’s online reputation.
  • E-Commerce and Online Sales Opportunities: Each domain can be converted into customized e-commerce platforms for specific products or services, so you can expand your online sales capacity.
  • Long Term Strategic Investment: With the increasing importance of the internet and digital marketing, these domains can be valuable assets in the long term. In the future, you can use these domains to develop new business ideas or sell them when needed.

It is important to evaluate whether the domains you are considering purchasing are compatible with your business strategy and long-term goals. You should also consider the resources and costs required to manage and maintain these domains.

Why Can We Invest?

The decision to make such an investment is crucial if your business has specific needs, available resources, and long-term goals. Here are some factors to consider when making this decision:

  • Budget and Cost: Learn the cost of domain investments, website installation, designs and servers. Learn the value of established, running sites and domains, their purchasing, renewal and management costs and know their value based on this information.
  • Brand Strategy: These domains will contribute greatly to your business’s brand strategy and goals. Consult digital consultancy agencies about the importance of these domains to strengthen your brand’s online presence.
  • SEO and Online Visibility: These domains will increase your search engine optimization and online visibility. Targeted keywords and traffic potentials will drive traffic to your business.
  • Competitive Analysis: You will surpass your competitors by using these digital assets. You can gain an advantage by making this investment in the sector.
  • Conversion Potential: The traffic these domains will bring to your business can quickly be converted into sales or conversions.
  • Long-Term Plans: Your business’s long-term goals and growth plans can be made stronger with this investment.

These factors are the opinions of a business strategy consultant and digital consultant. Gürbüz Özdem, founder of the digital consultancy agency Adapte Digital, can give you special advice about the trends in your industry, the competitive environment and the intricacies of digital asset management. You can call us.

Improved Digital Asset Sales Implementation

You can purchase this digital asset we offer through the system with these features. The selected features will come to you printed on the contract after the sale. All rights you obtain pursuant to the contract will be provided to you byAdapte Digital.

You can call us for a contract sample and other issues.

Purpose of Digital Asset

This digital asset we offer enables the development of cosmetic businesses and brands.

What do Optional Studies provide?


  • Setup and stylish and useful design of the website,
  • Branding and positioning studies,
  • Audience determination and product selection studies,
  • Introduction of products and their contents,
  • Optimization of social media accounts,
  • Completion of Google Ads and marketing action preparations,
  • Facebook Ads (IInstagram and Meta) and completion of marketing action,

Study Team

Work team is the most important factor in a digital asset achieving its purpose and sustaining the results with determination. In our programs, we present to you what kind of team will be based on their ranks.

Budget and Pricing

Budget and pricing include a very small amount. Our aim is to ensure that these assets are managed by businesses that can use them more effectively. With this intention, we want to offer and evaluate the best price.

Our aim is to quickly ensure that businesses have a digital presence and to obtain customers that we manage.


Once the digital asset is purchased through the system, the contract is created. Adapte Digital delivers all rights of the customer in accordance with the contract. You can follow the entire workflow included in the program from the CRM panel and make requests.

Adapte Digital: Digital Consultancy Agency

About Us

Adapte Digital, has gathered E-Commerce, corporate web software, design solutions, performance-based digital marketing and media services under the title of digital consultancy since 2015. and continues as a digital consultancy agency. Adapte Digital works to fulfill the digital demands of businesses and brands in line with their goals and increase their performance.

We want to be your digital solution partner that installs and manages your target-oriented performance-enhancing digital tools for you.

Our Services and Approach

  • Digital Asset Management: Strengthen your business’ digital footprint. Highlight your brand with web design, content management and social media strategies.
  • Web Design and Development: Modern, user-friendly and interactive websites.
  • Advertising and Marketing Solutions: Effective advertising campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other digital platforms. Reach your target audience, increase your sales.
  • Digital Marketing Strategies: Strengthen your brand with SEO, social media marketing and Google Ads campaigns.
  • Comprehensive Data Analysis and Reporting: Data-driven analyzes and understandable reports to support your business decisions.

How Do We Work?

  • Discovery and Strategy Development: We understand the needs of your business and offer customized solutions
  • Implementation and Management: We implement planned strategies and make continuous improvements.
  • Results and Optimization: We provide continuous monitoring and optimization to help you achieve your goals.

Why Us?

  • Innovative and customized solutions
  • Experienced and expert team
  • Customer-oriented approach
  • Continuous support and consultancy

Our Skills and Competencies

Our Advanced Digital Skills;

Web Software/Design/Development, Graphic Design, E-Commerce/Sales Management, Organic Media (includes Search Engine and Content etc.), Paid Media (includes paid services of Google Advertising and other areas), Social Media, Content Management, Strategic Sales Optimization, Analysis and Reporting.

Our Advanced Digital Consulting Skills;

Web and digital consultancy, digital media and marketing, finding customers for foreign trade and exports, market research and analysis, finding and retaining customers, digitalization studies, digital personnel management, digital auditing.

Adapte Digital and its Customer’s Business Connection

Description of our business and business affiliation: Adapte Digital is the Digital Consultancy Agency of its customer.

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Developed Digital Assets for Cosmetics Brands/Businesses

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