Digital Promotion Marketing Consultancy

Make your business stand out in the digital world with our Digital Promotion Marketing Consultancy package! This comprehensive package offers expert consultancy services on digital marketing strategies and social media management. We develop special solutions for you in areas such as SEO optimization, content marketing and Google Ads.

Our package allows you to reach your target audience by increasing the online visibility of your business. With our professional team, we strengthen your brand awareness and develop innovative methods to increase your sales. We fully optimize your digital presence with social media campaigns, email marketing and website analysis.

Discover our Digital Promotion Marketing Consultancy package to be a partner in the digital transformation of your business and gain a competitive advantage!

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Hours Activity Focus Topics Expected Outcomes
5 Hours Market Analysis and Strategy Development Market trends, target audience analysis Detailed market report, customized strategy
4 Hours Brand and Content Strategy Brand positioning, content planning Brand guide, content calendar
3 Hours SEO and Website Optimization Keyword research, site improvements SEO plan, website improvement suggestions
4 Hours Social Media Management Social media strategy, post planning Social media plan, post schedule
3 Hours Google Ads Management Advertising strategy, keyword selection Google Ads campaign plan
3 Hours Email Marketing Email campaigns, subscriber list management Email marketing strategy, campaign drafts
3 Hours Performance Analysis and Reporting Data analysis, KPI tracking Monthly performance report
5 Hour Consulting and Training Sessions Training seminars, Q&A sessions Training materials, participant feedback

Achieve Digital Success: Elevate Your Business with Comprehensive Digital Promotion Marketing Consultancy

Our Digital Promotion Marketing Consultancy package offers special strategies that will make your business shine in digital areas.

Market Analysis and Strategic Planning: We conduct in-depth market analysis to understand the needs of your business and create customized strategies. We think of everything you need to be one step ahead of your competitors.

SEO and Website Optimization: We make keyword optimizations and technical improvements that will ensure your website ranks high on Google. Thus, we enable you to reach more customers.

Social Media Expertise: By managing your social media accounts, we increase your interaction and number of followers. We strengthen your brand awareness with effective content planning and creative campaigns.

Google Ads and E-Mail Marketing: We reach your potential customers directly with effective Google advertising strategies and target-oriented e-mail campaigns. Thus, we maximize your conversion rates.

Performance Tracking and Continuous Improvement: We closely monitor the performance of your campaigns and provide you with feedback through continuous reports. In this way, we ensure that you always get the best results.

Meet our Digital Promotion Marketing Consultancy package to make your business shine in the digital world and gain a competitive advantage. We are here for your success!

What is VNIS?

VNIS; It is the concept of hours that best explains Adapte Digital’s working program hours. VNIS: It means productive net working hours.

The concept of “Net Productive Working Hours” expresses how much of the time employees spend at work is actually devoted to productive work. This concept aims to measure not only being physically present at the workplace, but also how much of this time is actually used effectively to achieve the tasks and goals required by the job.

The best explanation of the concept of productive net working hours can be as follows:

🌟Activity Measurement: Productive net work hours measure not the entire time spent by the employee at his desk, but the time spent actively and focused on work within this time. That is, this concept directly relates productivity and time.

🎯Focus on Quality: Not only quantity but also quality of work is important. This concept evaluates not only the amount of work an employee produces, but also how successful the results of this work are.

⏳Exclusion of Breaks and Interruptions: When calculating net productive work hours, breaks, social conversations, work-unrelated activities and other interruptions are not included. So net work time refers to such periods of uninterrupted and completely dedicated time to work.

📈Performance Management: This concept is also used in performance management. Net work hours can be analyzed to understand how productive an employee or team is. This can help optimize workflows, improve time management and eliminate unnecessary processes.

🚀 Productivity Increase: Increasing productive net working hours is generally directly proportional to factors such as improving processes, organizing workflow and increasing employee motivation.

⏰Time Management: Productive net work hours can be used as an indicator of how successful time management is at individual and corporate levels. Good time management leads to more productive net work hours.

🗓️Calendar and Planning Activities: How much time employees devote to job-specific tasks during the day and how effective they are during this time can be tracked and analyzed using calendar and planning tools.

The purpose of this concept is to improve the quality of time spent at work and minimize wasted time. Thus, the overall efficiency and performance of employees and companies is improved.

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