Growth Hacking Tutorial


Learn all the strategies and tactics needed to quickly grow your brand with the Growth Hacking Tutorial! This course focuses on critical growth techniques that will accelerate your goals and transform your business.

Our training combines various disciplines such as digital marketing, data analytics, product management and user experience to provide strategies that will enable your business to achieve rapid and sustainable growth.

Digital Marketing teaches you how to promote and expand your brand in the online world; Data Analytics makes it easy to monitor and measure your performance so you can continually improve your strategies. With Product Management, you will learn how to shape your product or service according to customer needs, and you will discover how to increase customer satisfaction and build loyalty with the subject of User Experience.

This course will help you develop the analytical skills, creative problem-solving techniques and strategic thinking skills you need to achieve your growth goals.

We will also provide you with real-world examples and hands-on projects during our training so you can immediately apply what you learn and gain real-world experience.

Accelerate the growth of your business, reach your goals faster and gain competitive advantage with the Growth Hacking Training. Gain the ability to create and implement your own growth strategies! Join now and discover the growth opportunities offered by the digital world!

  • Growth Hacking Tutorial


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      Growth Hacking Tutorial


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      Güvenli AlışverişTrust
      Hour 1-5Growth Hacking IntroductionWhat is Growth Hacking, growth hacking mindset and process
      Hour 6-10Digital Marketing StrategiesSEO, SEM, social media marketing and content marketing strategies
      Hour 11-15Data Analysis and MetricsCritical metrics, analytics tools, funnels, and A/B testing
      Hour 16-20Product managementProduct/customer fit, product development and launch strategies
      Hour 21-25User Experience and Conversion OptimizationUsability principles, conversion rate optimization and user engagement
      Hour 26-30Applied ProjectPractice on real world example, reinforcement of learned knowledge, project presentation

      Accelerate Your Business’s Growth with Growth Hacking Training
      Practical Knowledge and Application: It is preferred that the education be practical rather than theoretical knowledge. Participants want to be able to immediately apply what they have learned.
      Digital Marketing Techniques: Digital marketing techniques such as SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing are expected to be included in the training content.
      Data Analysis: Participants want to learn how to use data analysis and metrics, which metrics should be tracked.
      Product Management: Product management and product/customer alignment are very important, especially for start-ups and new businesses.
      User Experience and Conversion Optimization: How the website or application will improve the user experience and increase conversion rates is of great importance.
      Real World Examples and Applied Projects: The use of real world examples and applied projects in education is important in terms of reinforcing the learned knowledge and developing application skills.
      Result Orientation: Participants usually turn to training that will lead to a specific result or goal. This could be driving more traffic, increasing conversion rates, or meeting a certain revenue goal, perhaps.

      These topics are areas of primary concern to most Growth Hacking Tutorials. Covering these topics in the training content will be of interest to potential participants.

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