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37.799,00 is revolutionizing the trade of wax and wax products! ­čîč Don’t miss the opportunity to start your own business. This platform is a unique online marketplace for suppliers and manufacturers. Gain new customers, collect lead data, increase conversions and strengthen your brand. Gain a competitive advantage and use subsites to drive traffic to your main sites. ­čÜÇ

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      Project to Trade Waxing Products with


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      G├╝venli Al─▒┼čveri┼čTrust is a landmark for entrepreneurs in the waxing industry. This unique platform offers manufacturers and suppliers of waxes and waxing products the opportunity to promote their products to a wide range of customers. ­čîŹ

      By taking advantage of, you can expand your business, find new customers and create a loyal following. By collecting potential customer data, you can better understand your target audience and offer them special promotions or products. Use various digital marketing strategies to increase conversions. By increasing your brand awareness, reinforce your authority in the industry and ensure that customers prefer you.

      Gaining competitive advantage is much easier with this platform. Use SEO-friendly content and effective subsite strategies to drive traffic to your main site. Additionally, strengthen your digital presence with Google ads campaigns and corporate social media accounts managed through ­čôł

      Engage with your followers by posting regularly on Instagram and using professional templates. The platform offers all these features and more in one place, making it an indispensable resource for anyone who dreams of doing business in the waxing and waxing products industry. provides all the tools you need to take your business to the next level. Whether you are a new entrepreneur or an experienced business person, this platform offers everything you need to ensure your success in the waxing industry. ­čĺí

      Wax Market Project Features Table:

      20 Product EntriesAbility to add 20 different products to the platform.
      Growth with Ideal Channel1 month free management pack.
      Fast Track Growth Package30% discount on development and management.
      Product Introduction VideoProfessional video to promote your products.
      4 Articles That Will Attract VisitSEO compatible content (within 1 month of free management).
      Google Ads CampaignEffective advertising strategies (within 1 month of free management).
      Corporate Social Media InstallationsProfessional social media accounts.
      4 Shares and Templates on InstagramSocial content that will strengthen your brand.

      Values of the Wax Market Project

      Advantages of Domain (Site Name) offers numerous advantages for entrepreneurs who want to do business in the wax and wax products industry:

      • High Domain Value: has a high domain value because it contains industry-specific keywords. This means higher rankings in search engines and more traffic. ­čîÉ
      • Potential to Become an Authority: The domain name can become an authority on waxing products, increasing the credibility and recognizability of the brand. ­čĆć
      • Mature Domain Age: The fact that the domain is 2 years old makes it perceived as more reliable by search engines. ­čĽ░´ŞĆ
      • Robust Infrastructure: The site is a ready-made platform built on a solid infrastructure and product entries have been made. This allows you to quickly launch your business. ÔÜÖ´ŞĆ
      • Customizable Pages: Page designs can be customized with the desired features and functions, so you can create the platform that best suits your business. ­čÄĘ
      • Ready for Sale: The site has been prepared in a way that allows you to start selling immediately, which accelerates the process of generating income. ­čÜÇ

      Data of Site offers a strong online presence and search engine visibility:

      • GSC Search Terms: Site-related search terms are already generated in Google Search Console, providing valuable data about how people are finding the site. ­čöŹ
      • Ranking in the Top Ranks: When content marketing efforts are made, the site can quickly rise to the top of search engines. This is critical for brand visibility and site traffic. ­čôł
      • Established Keywords: Waxing, waxing products and other focus words have already been adopted by the site and can achieve high rankings for many relevant search terms. ­čĆĚ´ŞĆ
      • High Potential: The site has the potential to reach a good level in the sector and can evaluate this potential with GSC data. ­čîč

      Benefits of Monthly Development and Management Studies

      Monthly development and management work can add great value to and your business:

      • Authority Site: Waxing can quickly become an authoritative site, which provides a great advantage in terms of customer trust and preferability. ­čŤí´ŞĆ
      • Quick Results: SEO studies on the words wax and waxing products can produce quick results, thanks to the power of the domain and subject focus. ÔÜí
      • Fast Product Entry and Sale: Quickly entering priority products into the system and offering them for sale can accelerate the revenue flow and facilitate the introduction of new products in the market. ­čŤĺ

      These advantages will strengthen your business’s online presence and provide strategic benefits that will put you one step ahead of your competitors. ­čÜÇ­čîč

      Value Proposition is positioned as a digital trade bridge in the waxing and cosmetics industry. This platform enables you to promote your products to a wide customer base and helps you shape your product strategy with industry-specific insights. Additionally, it increases your brand awareness and accelerates sales with solid SEO fundamentals and digital marketing strategies. ­čîë­čÜÇ

      Opportunities of the Wax Market Project

      Market and Opportunities

      The cosmetics industry is a constantly growing market, especially in the field of waxing products. Consumers’ interest in personal care and the expansion of e-commerce create a constant demand for new and innovative products in this field. offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to take part in this growing market and compete on a global scale with the market analysis and export/foreign trade consultancy it provides. ­ččĺí

      Words and Their Volumes Table

      KeywordSearch Volume
      on the network100K
      wax types60K
      waxing machine30K
      waxing strip20K
      waxing prices20K
      organic wax15K
      wax cleaner products10K
      After waxing care5K
      how to wax at home5K
      professional waxing products4K

      Revenue Model’s revenue model includes receiving commission from member sellers and product sales. In addition, revenue can be generated through special advertising spaces and premium memberships. Collaborations and sponsorship deals with advertisers can create additional revenue streams for the platform. ­čĺ░­čĄŁ

      Opportunities Offered to Entrepreneurs

      The waxing and cosmetics industry is an area that requires diversity and constant innovation. Thanks to market analysis, market research and export/foreign trade consultancy offered by, entrepreneurs can deliver the right products to their target audiences and benefit from in the sector. They can become a leading brand. Innovative products, strategic partnerships and correct marketing strategies are the keys to success in this field. ­čöĹ­čîč

      Purposes of Use of the Project

      • New Customer Acquisition: The platform allows you to find new customers and build brand loyalty.
      • Brand Awareness: Promotes your brand and increases awareness with various digital marketing strategies.
      • Data Collection and Analysis: Collects data about customer behavior and preferences and analyzes this data to help you make strategic decisions.
      • Competitive Advantage: It differentiates you from your competitors and helps you stand out in the industry.
      • Expanding to Global Markets: It carries your products to international markets with export and foreign trade consultancy. ­čîÉ­čÜÇ

      These values and opportunities provide strong foundations to help entrepreneurs successfully and sustainably grow their ventures in the waxing and cosmetics industry. ­čîč­čôł

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