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  • Project for Traffic, Data, Data Collection and Sales from the Aktar Market with Dermanaktar.com

    The Project for Traffic, Data, Data Collection and Sales from the Herbal Market with Dermanaktar.com is aimed at herbalists who want to find customers in the sector and develop their market. This project offers a unique platform to those who want to increase sales of herbal products and expand their customer base. By creating an online presence, businesses can reach potential customers in Beylikdüzü and offer organic, herbal products as well as wellness solutions.


  • Project to Trade Waxing Products with Agdamarketi.com

    Agdamarketi.com is revolutionizing the trade of wax and wax products! 🌟 Don’t miss the opportunity to start your own business. This platform is a unique online marketplace for suppliers and manufacturers. Gain new customers, collect lead data, increase conversions and strengthen your brand. Gain a competitive advantage and use subsites to drive traffic to your main sites. 🚀

  • Web/Digital Project for Traffic, Data, Data Collection and Sales from the Silver Market with Gumusurunler.com

    The Gumusurunler.com web/digital project that we offer as Adapte Digital is special for entrepreneurs who want to take one step forward in the silver and silver products industry. This platform we developed offers the opportunity to find customers and expand the market. By ranking at the top in the words silver, silver products, silver types, silver prices and antique silver, it allows you to increase your visitor traffic, data collection and sales capacity. With its modern and user-friendly design, it is a project that will help you become a leader in the industry.

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