Project to Trade Keratin and Keratin Products with

93.799,00 is a unique digital platform that will enable you to become a leader in the keratin and keratin products industry. This field, which will take you one step forward in e-commerce in terms of gaining customers, collecting potential customer data, increasing your conversion rates and creating brand awareness, will help you gain a competitive advantage and increase traffic. offers special opportunities. ­čśŐ

  • Project to Trade Keratin and Keratin Products with


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      Project to Trade Keratin and Keratin Products with


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      Keratin and keratin products are increasing their popularity in the beauty and care industry day by day. offers you the perfect opportunity to gain a foothold in this growing market. It is not just a domain, but also a platform where you can trade. This platform will help you attract new customers, retain your existing customers and get a higher conversion rate from them, and has the potential to make you a leader in the industry.

      You can take advantage of many opportunities in this area, from collecting customer data to generating traffic to your main site by working on subsites. Additionally, it offers you a significant advantage in creating brand awareness and gaining competitive advantage. offers the perfect solution for anyone who wants to establish and maximize their presence in the digital world. ­čĺ╝

      General Features Table of Keratin Market Business Development

      20 product entriesYou can easily add your products to our site
      Growth Package with Ideal Channel1 month free management service
      Fast Track Growth Package30% off development and management
      Product introduction video on the subjectYou can promote your products with videos
      4 articles that will attract visitors1 month free management included
      Google ads campaign1 month free management included
      Corporate social media installationsProfessional social media accounts
      4 sharing and templates on InstagramSocial media content

      Important Features of the Keratin Market Project

      Advantages of Domain (Site name) offers many advantages for those who want to operate in the keratin and keratin products industry:

      • High Value: The value of the domain is high due to its inclusion of sectoral keywords and appropriate age structure.
      • Authority: A custom domain name allows you to become an authority in the industry. It offers a more reliable and professional image compared to other sites.
      • Aged Domain: A domain age of 4 years is considered a sign of reliability for search engines. This gives you an advantage in your SEO efforts.
      • Ready Infrastructure: The site is built on a solid infrastructure, the products have been entered and are fully operational.
      • Flexible Design: The potential for pages to be designed with the desired features means that the site can be customized according to your needs.
      • Sale Ready: The site has all the features you need to start selling immediately.

      Data of site has already achieved rankings for certain keywords in Google Search Console (GSC):

      • Search Terms: GSC has created search terms about the site, so potential traffic opportunities will be at your doorstep.
      • Top Ranks: When content marketing efforts are made, the site has the potential to climb to the top quickly.
      • Keywords: “Keratin” has already formed a root in “keratin botox” and other focused words. This means you can easily rank for relevant keywords.
      • Potential: The site has a position that can stand out in the industry.
      • GSC Data: Sharing GSC data allows you to perform in-depth analysis of the site.

      What will be gained from the monthly development and management work

      Regular monthly development and management work will increase your site’s performance and reach:

      • Authority Site: By focusing on the word “Keratin”, you can quickly become a recognized and referenced site in the industry.
      • Quick Results: With studies on words such as “Botox” and “Brazil botox”, you can get results quickly, thanks to the power of the domain and the closeness of the subject of study.
      • Quick Product Addition: The priority products to be sold are quickly entered into the system and offered for sale. In this way, your potential to reach customers quickly and make sales increases.

      With these advantages, you can better understand how can help you on your way to becoming a major player in the industry.

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