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SEO Coaching: Increase Your Website Ranking!

Hello! We offer you a special solution to ensure that your website rank high in search engines and get organic traffic: SEO Coaching. We guide you to improve your business’s SEO strategy, optimize keywords and improve your ranking results.

Individual Coaching Experience: We offer personalized coaching service tailored to the needs of your business. By evaluating your website individually, we guide you to strengthen your SEO strategy and set your goals.

Keyword Research and Optimization: We support you to do keyword research and optimize your website content for these keywords by analyzing the search habits of the target audience of your business. Thus, we ensure that you reach the targeted audience and rise in the ranking results.

Technical SEO Improvements: By reviewing the technical infrastructure of your website, we enable you to make technical SEO improvements. By working on factors such as page speed optimization, sitemap creation, URL configuration, we enable search engines to better understand your site and rise in ranking results.

Content Strategy and Optimization: We guide you on content strategy and optimization to ensure your content is SEO friendly. We support you in using the right keywords, improving content quality and creating content that is compatible with search engines.

Backlink Creation and Tracking: We offer you backlink creation and tracking services to obtain quality backlinks (backlinks) directed to your website and improve your link profile. We guide you to identify quality links, perform competitive analysis and strengthen your backlink strategy.

Increase Your SEO Success! Increase your website’s ranking results with SEO Coaching. Stand out in search engines and get organic traffic with personalized coaching, keyword optimization, technical SEO improvements, and a strong backlink profile.

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      SEO Coaching

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      Work programContentsDuration
      Stage 1
      SEO Strategy4 hour
      – Setting goals2 hour
      – Keyword research2 hour
      Stage 2
      Technical SEO Improvements8 hour
      – Site speed optimization3 hour
      – Site structure and URL optimization3 hour
      – Creating a sitemap2 hour
      Stage 3
      Content Strategy6 hour
      – Keyword driven content planning3 hour
      – Title and meta tag optimization2 hour
      – Content quality and optimization1 hour
      Stage 4
      Creating Backlinks6 hour
      – Competitive analysis and backlink strategy3 hour
      – Obtaining quality backlinks2 hour
      – Backlink monitoring and analysis1 hour
      Stage 5
      Analysis and Reporting6 hour
      – SEO analysis and performance measurement3 hour
      – Trend analysis and strategic recommendations2 hour
      – Reporting and progress tracking1 hour
      Total30 hour

      SEO Strategy and Planning: Users need help developing and planning their business’ SEO strategy. Subjects such as setting goals, keyword research, competitive analysis can attract the attention of users.
      Keyword Optimization: Users seek support to optimize their website content with keywords and to rank high in search engines. Topics such as keyword research, content optimization, meta tags can attract the attention of users.
      Technical SEO Improvements: Users want to review the technical infrastructure of their websites, make them compatible with search engines and achieve fast site performance. Topics such as site speed optimization, sitemap creation, URL configuration are issues that users may care about.
      Content Strategy and Quality: Users want to provide valuable information to their target audience and be more visible in search engines by creating SEO-friendly content. Topics such as content planning, quality content creation, content marketing can attract the attention of users.
      Creating and Monitoring Backlinks: Users seek support in obtaining quality backlinks (backlinks) to their websites and strengthening their link profile. Topics such as backlink strategies, competitive analysis, backlink monitoring may attract the attention of users.
      Analysis and Reporting: Users need data analysis and reporting services to monitor the impact of SEO efforts and make strategic decisions. Topics such as SEO analysis, performance reports, trend analysis are topics that users may care about.

      Highlight Your Website In Search Engines! Optimize your business website, rank high in search engines and get organic traffic with SEO Coaching. Increase your SEO success with strategic planning, keyword optimization, technical improvements and quality content creation.

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