Web Design and Digital Marketing Package for Remodeler

Make your business more visible in the digital world with the Web Design and Digital Marketing Package for Remodelers. This exclusive package includes unique website design and development that showcases your services in a stunning and effective way.

Give your customers easy access to your services with a website that offers a superior user experience. Make your business mobile-friendly and enable your potential customers to reach you easily from any device.

Rank higher in search engines with our SEO and SEM strategies. In this way, your services reach a wider audience and enable your business to expand.

Increase your brand awareness with social media and email marketing strategies. In this way, you can stay in touch with your existing customers and target new customers.

The Web Design and Digital Marketing Package for Remodelers helps you expand your customer base and increase your brand awareness by putting your business one step ahead in the digital world. Differentiate your brand with creative and effective digital marketing strategies and become a prominent player in the renovation industry!

  • Web Design and Digital Marketing Package for Remodeler

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      Web Design and Digital Marketing Package for Remodeler

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      1-3 saatİhtiyaç Analizi: Tadilat şirketinin gereksinimlerinin ve hedeflerinin anlaşılması.
      3-5 saatPiyasa Araştırması: Rakip analizi ve sektördeki en iyi uygulamaların incelenmesi.
      5-8 saatWeb Sitesi Tasarımı: Kullanıcı dostu, mobil uyumlu ve SEO dostu bir web sitesi tasarlanması.
      8-10 saatWeb Sitesi Geliştirme: Tasarlanan web sitesinin kodlanması ve test edilmesi.
      10-12 saatSEO Stratejisi: Web sitesinin arama motoru optimizasyonu (SEO) için düzenlenmesi. Anahtar kelime analizi, iç ve dış SEO stratejileri.
      12-15 saatSEM Planı: Google Ads ve diğer arama motoru pazarlama (SEM) stratejileri için bir plan oluşturulması.
      15-18 saatSosyal Medya Pazarlama: Sosyal medya platformları için içerik stratejisi oluşturma ve kampanyaları planlama.
      18-20 saatE-posta Pazarlama: E-posta pazarlama kampanyalarını planlama ve düzenleme.
      20-22 saatAnalitik Ayarlar: Google Analytics, Search Console gibi araçlarla web sitesi takibini sağlama.
      22-24 saatRaporlama ve Değerlendirme: Gerçekleştirilen işlemler ve elde edilen sonuçların raporlanması.
      24-30 saatİnce Ayarlar ve Optimizasyonlar: Geri bildirimler doğrultusunda yapılacak düzeltmeler ve iyileştirmeler.

      This program is flexible and can be adapted depending on the specific needs and goals of the remodeling company. We always work with you to achieve the best results, with our goal of keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level.

      Professional Web Design: They look for a quality and professional website that will best represent their business.
      Mobile Compatibility: They want the website to run smoothly on all devices.
      SEO Optimization: They aim to increase traffic from search engines in order to reach their businesses to wider audiences.
      Social Media Marketing: They aim to create an active and effective presence on social media platforms.
      Email Marketing: They look for an effective email marketing strategy to increase customer loyalty and keep business going.

      Take Your Business to the Next Level: Web Design and Digital Marketing Strategies for Remodeling Businesses

      Do you want to grow your business and stand out from your competitors? With our Web Design and Digital Marketing Package it is possible! Specially tailored for remodeling businesses, this package provides you with the tools to make your business stand out online and gain you a wider customer base.

      Perfectly represent your business in the digital world with Professional Web Design. A user-friendly, mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly website makes it easy for your potential customers to find you and provides a great user experience to your existing customers.

      Our package also includes SEO optimization that will ensure your website rank high in Google and other search engines. With high-quality content and keyword optimization, you will see a huge increase in organic traffic.

      In addition, with social media and e-mail marketing strategies, you can regularly communicate with your current and potential customers, announce your new services and increase customer loyalty.

      In short, thanks to our Web Design and Digital Marketing Package, your business will create a strong presence in the digital world and stand out from its competitors. Let’s take your business to the next level!

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