Data Driven Marketing Training


In this age of rapid development of digital marketing, it has become a necessity to make data-based decisions. At this point, our Data Driven Marketing Training is designed to give you the skills you need.

Accurately collecting and analyzing data and turning it into business strategies is no longer a skill for marketing professionals, it is a necessity. In our training, you will learn data collection and analysis techniques, as well as how to turn this data into strategic marketing decisions.

Data-driven marketing allows you to better understand your target audience and provide them with more personalized experiences. With our Data-Driven Marketing Training, you will be able to analyze customer behaviors, preferences and needs, and create strategies that can reach your goals faster.

If you want to understand the impact of data-driven decisions on your marketing strategies and use this power in your own business, this course is the perfect opportunity for you. Are you ready to gain a competitive advantage in the digital world with our Data Driven Marketing Training? Register now and join this exciting journey!

  • Data Driven Marketing Training


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      Data Driven Marketing Training


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      1-2Introduction to Data Driven MarketingImportance of data driven marketing, general terms and concepts.
      3-5Data Collection TechniquesVarious data sources, data collection tools and techniques.
      6-8Data analysisVeri analizi teknikleri, veri görselleştirme ve yorumlama.
      9-11Analysis of Customer BehaviorsAnalysis of customer behavior and habits, segmentation.
      12-14Personalized Marketing StrategiesCreating personalized marketing strategies based on data.
      15-17Digital Marketing ToolsData-driven use of digital marketing tools, automation tools.
      18-20Data Driven SEO and SEM StrategiesData-driven planning of search engine optimization and marketing strategies.
      21-23Social Media AnalyticsSocial media data collection, analysis and integration into strategies.
      24-26Data Driven Content MarketingData-based planning and implementation of content marketing strategies.
      27-30Case Studies and PracticesExamples of successful data-driven marketing, practice and practice to reinforce what has been learned

      There is one truth that anyone who wants to compete in the digital world must understand: Data is the new oil of business. That’s where our Data-Driven Marketing Training is here to help you turn this imperative into an advantage.

      Understanding the power of data and turning it into strategic marketing decisions puts you one step ahead in the marketing world. In our training, you will learn data collection and analysis techniques and be able to use this data to understand customer behavior, preferences and needs.

      Not only that, you’ll be able to use what you learn to create personalized marketing strategies and develop data-driven SEO and SEM strategies. Finally, you will learn how to implement data-driven content marketing strategies and measure your performance.

      By making data-driven decisions, you can more effectively manage your marketing strategies and take your business one step further. Are you ready to take a step forward in the world of marketing with our Data Driven Marketing Training? Don’t miss this unique opportunity, register now!

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