Website Consulting Package

Website Consulting Package – Increase Your Business Online Success!

We offer Website Consulting Package to enable your business to succeed in the digital world. Increase your website’s performance, usability and visibility with comprehensive and professional solutions tailored to the needs of your business.

What do we offer?

Comprehensive Website Analysis – We conduct a detailed analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website, and identify areas for improvement.
SEO Services – By helping your business rank higher in search engines, we help increase organic traffic and potential customers.
User Experience Improvement – By making your website user-friendly, we increase visitors’ stay on your site longer and conversion rates.
Content Strategy Development – We increase customer loyalty by producing effective and quality content that appeals to the target audience of your business.

Why should you choose us?

Expert Staff – Our experienced and certified experts determine and implement the most appropriate strategies for the success of your business.
Tailored Solutions – We offer original and effective solutions developed according to the specific needs of your business.
Affordable Prices – We contribute to the online success of your business by offering our quality services without straining your budget.

Try our Website Consulting Package to increase the online success of your business and stay ahead of your competitors! Contact us for more information and details about our services.

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Key to Digital Transformation: Add Value to Your Business with Website Consulting Package

  1. 1. Expertise and Experience: Customers care that the company or professional to whom they will entrust their work while receiving website consultancy service is an expert and experienced in their field.
    2. Tailored Solutions: Every business and website has different needs. Customers prefer services that offer unique and effective solutions that suit their needs.
    3. Comprehensive Services: A consultancy package that offers comprehensive services such as website optimization, SEO, user experience, content strategy and social media integration would be more attractive.
    4. Price and Service Quality: Customers prefer consulting firms that offer quality and professional service at affordable prices. Packages with a balanced price and service quality attract more attention.
    5. Success Stories and References: Potential customers want to learn how successful the company was in their previous jobs by examining their success stories and references before the company they will receive consultancy services from.
    6. Communication and Support: Customers prefer companies that provide reliable services in communication and support, where they can get quick and effective answers to their questions and needs during the consultancy process.
    7. Monitoring and Reporting: Regularly monitoring and reporting the effect of improvements made during the website consultancy service helps customers see the value of the service and is an important topic.
    8. Continuous Development and Update: The world of technology and digital marketing is constantly evolving. Clients prefer consulting services that work with up-to-date and constantly evolving strategies.
Order Duration (Hour) Task / Feature Explanation
1 2 Project Start A kick-off meeting is held by defining the business analysis and goal setting, the scope and objectives of the project.
2 4 Comprehensive Website Analysis SEO, content, design and technical analysis are done to evaluate the current state of your website.
3 4 SEO Services It improves search engine rankings by optimizing keyword research, site architecture, and internal linking.
4 4 User Experience Improvement It improves the user experience by improving factors such as website navigation, page load speed and mobile compatibility.
5 4 Content Strategy Development By producing content suitable for the target audience, it adds value to the website and increases customer loyalty.
6 2 Social Media Integration Social media accounts are integrated with the website, making it easier for visitors to share.
7 2 E-commerce Optimization (optional) Social media accounts are integrated with the website, making it easier for visitors to share.
8 4 Tracking and Reporting Measuring and reporting the effect of the improvements made in the project, additional arrangements are made when necessary.
9 2 Project Closing After all the objectives have been achieved, the project is considered to have been successfully completed and the final meeting is held.

The Road to Success: Discover the Potential of Your Business with the Website Consulting Package

For businesses that want to exist and be successful in the digital world, website performance and user experience play an important role. Are you ready to discover the potential of your business with the Website Consulting Package? Here are the keys to success:
1. Comprehensive Website Analysis: We perform detailed analyzes to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your website. Thus, we can determine the right strategies to achieve fast and effective results.
2. SEO Services: We offer professional SEO services that enable you to increase your business’s visibility and organic traffic by achieving better rankings in search engines.
3. User Experience Improvement: By creating a user-friendly and effective website, we ensure that visitors stay on your site longer and increase conversion rates.
4. Content Strategy Development: We increase the value of your business in the digital world and strengthen your customer loyalty by producing impressive and quality content that appeals to your target audience.
5. Continuous Support and Communication: By being in constant communication with your business during the consultancy process, we provide quick and effective answers to your questions and needs.
With the Web Site Consultancy Package, you will have the opportunity to get ahead of your competitors by enabling your business to succeed in the digital world. Contact us to learn more about our package and start working together on the road to success!

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Website Consulting Package

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